Friday, September 28, 2018

The Clarey Podast #270 - The "Do Women Hate Men" Episode

How Kavanaugh-Ford shows how close we are to tyranny.
What percent of women hate men?
Unhinging bra's with one hand.
Cappy hates parades.
Fatherzzzz Could Not Be Reached for Comment.
Cappy's Grandma will take your money in cards.
Baby Boomers still divorcing in record numbers.


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Ken said...

Divorced spouse with 10+ years of marriage getting a cut of your Social Security.

leeholsen said...

"How Kavanaugh-Ford shows how close we are to tyranny." just a matter of time. anyone thinking no matter what happens here will not just be a setback are fooling themselves.
I am so looking forward to the days where just an accusation can get you fired, locked up and killed. unfortunately for the women, blacks, Hispanics and everyone else besides white men; they think they will be exempt; that's going to be short lived.

Anonymous said...

Women hate men, and the men elevated to positions of power are too stupid and shortsighted to see it. Hence why every day the Feminists and their Male apologists gain ground. If Kavanaugh is denied the nomination the only option is Violence from here on out. The time for debate will be over. Nobody has the balls to point this out of course and the Alphas are too scared to take action on it.

Anonymous said...

"I am so looking forward to the days where just an accusation can get you fired..."

You mean two years ago? Stay anonymous; you never know when innocent comments from the past will be considered treason.

Cappy: Forget silver and gold, hoard lead and brass. Don't assume you will die before you need it.