Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Bryan Tucker is My Hero

I'm not joking, this man is my hero.  If I ever meet him I want his autograph and I'm buying him a beer.  He found a way to:

1.  Control other people's children.
2.  Legally and without having to physically intervene.
3.  Piss off the poor parents who failed to raise their kids properly.

AND (this is key)

4.  Have a zero fucks given look because he truly gives zero fucks.

Good to stand up to the shitty parents who think their kids can do no wrong.


Red Pill Wisdom said...

"...But he’s allowed to re-install it if he keeps the fence at his property line."

Thank God and the Founding Fathers that we have private property rights...YET.
The right to the ownership of private property is what increasingly separates us from Socialist autocracies like those in Central and South America, and those in Western Europe.
It seems that the only societies which are rejecting Socialism are those which have actually lived under it (and its horrors) -- such as those nations in Eastern Europe.

Joe Bar said...

This is in my part of the world. People are losing their shit over this, and I just laugh!

Anonymous said...

Thorn bushes are a great way to get around fencing ordinances. You can conveniently let them grow onto the sidewalk too. Holly is a perfect choice in his area, speaking from painful experience.

Joe M said...

Hi Captain. I normally agree with you on EVERYTHING but this is pushing it a little to far. I have 3 sons and 2 grandsons, so their safety is important. I understand how much people can get pissed off at things (Ref.the White Hispanic and Trayvon). I would, however, offer to pick up the trash and shoo the kids away from his property if that what it took to keep the kids off of his lawn and eliminate that electric fence.

Wandering man said...

If it works for brain dead animals, it should work for brain dead children .

Anonymous said...

You are a pussy

inthebriarpatch said...

I live on a small farm. We hVe various forms of electric fencing. It won't do more thank make the little litter bugs leave his yard alone. Those things put out a really low amperage zap that pulses on and off. No one will be more than mildly shocked.