Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We Know Who the Real Enemy is Here

The supra-state of the EU violating individual countries' right to sovereignty.


Anonymous said...

A bloody war is around the corner. Similar actions preceded the civil war in America. Look up the Tariff of 1828 and the Force Bill that followed. When civil discourse ends, fighting begins; politically-motivated attack laws are the beginning of that violence. Authoritarian reaction to peaceful dissent will radicalize marginally dissenting groups just like what happened in the US.

Vader999 said...

They have allowed SJW politics to twist their minds until now, they became the very thing they swore to destroy.

The European Union was supposed to protect the sovereignty of European nations, not destroy it. Make Europeans proud of who they were, not shame them for their culture and history. Make the region's economy strong, not leave it in shambles.

The blue flag and the twelve stars of the European Union once had a very Christian undertone to it: the twelve stars stood for Jesus' twelve apostles, and the blue color for the flag represented Christ's mother. And yet under the EU, Western European Christianity, be it Catholicism or Protestantism, has been reduced to a shell, a joke of its former self. A Pope who's soft on immigrant crimes and Church scandals, and evangelical Lutherans removing Crosses from their Churches to avoid offending Muslims, while Calvinism and Anglicanism basically wither away into obsolescence and irrelevance.

It's a joke. The whole thing is reduced to one big, fat, joke.

Un Americano said...

"...For flouting EU rules on democracy..."

Literal mob rule.