Friday, September 14, 2018

Episode #268 of The Clarey Podcast - "$70,000 Isn't a Liveable Wage for Teachers" Episode

Hustle is what separates the boys from men.
Cappy prepares to leave Minnesota.
Vacation...sort of.
Plumbing problems.
Teachers think $70,000 isn't a liveable wage.
$1,000 college textbooks.
Democrats will go back 25 years to get dirt on you.
Why Minnesotans loathe themselves.


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Un Americano said...

Most, if not all, are women and their children's fathers were replaced with government checks.

Wandering man said...

While they are b!tching about trying to live on 75K, I'm trying to figure out how to just live off the land, like a variant of dt and his hunker bunker.

Mark Hartman said...

If you're a teacher and are so educated and smart, why haven't you learned how to budget?

A Texan said...

I like listening to the Cynical Libertarian. His comments regarding race are spot on. Those minorities who can integrate and appreciate living here in the country are not the ones I have a problem. Collectively, there are certain minority groups that can't get their crap together, including those poor whites you put down in Wyoming.

If you are black person who thinks America is the most racist place on earth, then please move to Liberia or some other mostly black country. Those of you who own guns, work, and can live responsibly are welcome.

I saw that teacher article as well. I guess they are too dumb to realize that us property owners are not getting pay raises at our jobs but our taxes have certainly increased for operating a failed institution that usually lowers the property value.

Chip said...

Just saw the Time cover and was going to send you a pic of it. See you already saw it. Did you see the previous Pelosi publication? Time Magazine - the feelings journal for leftist.

Anonymous said...

RE the West Virginia teachers walking out. Median HOUSEHOLD wages in WV are $43,385. They are angry that they're making above median wage for 9 months of work.

Anonymous said...

$70,000.00 is a fine income. I am going to say that it has nothing to do with them being teachers but them being women. Women like to spend , spend , spend. Why should they worry? There is always a white knight to rescue them when money is tight. I know some public school teachers. Its the female teachers that grip and moan about the job. The male teachers that I know seem to be content with the job and have a hold on their finances (and they work harder at the job too).
Its women in general that seem to always have $$$ problems regardless of the job.