Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Older Brother Podcast #17 - Jarvis the Farting Dog Episode

Cappy's Dream House in Rapid City...or not.
Is there another housing bubble?
Jarvis the Farting Dog.
Cappy's dancing tactics.
Amazon Bans Roosh.  Call your congressmen.
Redpill vs Manosphere connotation.

AND MORE in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast.

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Anonymous said...


Do it Cappy!

Anonymous said...

women put themselves in uncomfortable positions. for the money because she is a journalist. women are whores, dont expect free rent..

Anonymous said...

Covenants should be illegal. There's no (practical) way to get out of them. They are a loophole in the freedoms and rights this country was founded on. All the retards out there may cry "oh, just don't buy anywhere with covenants." Except there isn't anywhere like that. Some fucktard Californian unilaterally decided to buy up all the land in a different state, add *permanent* draconian laws to the land, then sell it off to baby boomer dupes. Goodbye Bill of Rights, good bye property rights. And no, owning a plot of land does not entitle you to control how pretty your neighbors' properties are.

The insane insulation laws are no joke. The 2015 International Building Code requires scientifically absurd amounts of insulation in cold climates. Take your house price and add 30% at least, for no reason other than bolstering Owens Corning's stock price. Oh, and if you don't want 8-10" thick walls and 20" thick ceilings, you have to use highly flammable styrofoam filled with super toxic bromine compounds that still don't make it non-flammable.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this podcast. Agree the tiny homes are too tiny and over priced.

This link shows alternatives, notably the Frontier and Frontier 2 models. You still must supply land and utilities:


I am not associated with this company, found during websurfing.