Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh-Ford Will Trigger a Red MidTerm Election

I have largely stayed away from the Kavanaugh/Ford scam because it is easily the most despicable bit of politics I have ever seen.  I was already disgusted with politics, the American sheeple's naivete to believe lies blindly, the left's insatiable appetite for other people's money, and the right's balless cowardice to standup to them, but my god, the blatant lies and purposeful disregard for civility, truth, respect, or plain decency on the part of the democrat party is just vile and despicable.  I didn't think I could hate them more.  I do now.

The problem is (for them anyway) I think they went way too far for their own good.  And just as the SJW's handed Donald Trump a presidential win, I believe the Feinstein-Ford disgrace will hand the Republicans a mid-term gain in both the house and senate.

The reason is simply two fold.

One, this disgusting act may not be viewed as disgusting to those within the DC beltway.  Nor is it viewed as disgusting by the true believers in a socialist state.  But the rest of the country does not hate men, nor are they so blind to see how much the left does.  Even democrats - the good ones, the ones with union jobs, or those with decent hearts who "just want to help the little guy" - have a morality about them and are disgusted with this farce in Washington.  Additionally, both democrats, republicans, and non-partisans usually have a male in their family they love.  And if the fake rape accusations on college campuses, constant crying-wolf of the #metoo hashtag, constantly being accused of "privilege," doesn't directly threaten the livelihoods of these loved men in their minds, the obvious hatred and complete lack of morals on display by the democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings most certainly does.  Feinstein and Ford alone, I predict, will drive nearly all democrat voters with a heart and some morals to the republican ticket this midterm election, no matter how poorly Trump acts.

Two, even if you don't drive them into the arms of republicans, you sure as hell have drove them to stay home this election.  If the republican party ever tried to pull off something like this I would leave the party forever until they apologized, kicked the psychopaths out who did this, and I would vote liberatarian for the rest of my days.  But that's just me.  Even if the "good democrats" aren't already throwing up at what their party has become, and even if they aren't going to vote republican, enough of them are sure as hell going to stay home. 

Again, I only predict the republicans gain seats in 2018.  And they damn well should.  Because if they don't, then that tells you just how comfortable the democrats in this country are with the inexcusable and unforgivable tactics of their party, or worse, they're so ignorant they still think the democrat party is "for the little guy."

Enjoy that decline.


Mark Matis said...

Let's see what the Republicans DO with this. Will they confirm this weekend? Or will they instead do their usual thing?

If they FAIL to confirm, the Blue Wave will be overwhelming.

And then the festivities will start.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Aaron. I used to be a bit of political junkie a while back, but stepped off that circus train a long time ago. Life is to short to concern yourself with things you do not control. Vote, debate with those who want to in a honest manner and keep on trucking.

Ford is a pussy hat wearing misandrist and is lying her ass off to serve a political purpose. That's all. The rest is feminist/ bonobo theater.

You would think after having an old white woman lecturing and slandering half the country to go on to lose an election packaged for her that a lesson might have been learned, but no. They always double-down-- it's all they have. Republicans will, undeservedly I might add, pick up seats. I won't waste time pointing out his homeric failures, but Obama bankrupted the DNC during his reign and the (very) old democrat guard is resisting handing over the reigns to the next generation of democrats nor have they groomed them for the future. In very typical baby-boomer fashion it was always about them with everyone else as window dressing. They are desperate and will continue to flounder due to their own short-sightedness. It's going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

These Dems are so fucking disgusting that I wouldn't compare them to a pile of dog shit, because that would be an insult to the pile!!

Purge187 said...

"I don't have all the answers, and I don't remember as much as I would like to." - "Dr." Christine Ford

There aren't enough adjectives in all of the world languages combined to describe how sick to death I am of Western women.

Anonymous said...

Your post reminds of me this webpage about how the worst run cities are run by democrats.

People ask me which party I vote for and I usually say Democrats so they can destroy the city quicker as you like to say, "enjoy the decline." Then of course they scream and yell, "That's not TRUE!"

Yeah, whatever. Let it rot in time.

leeholsen said...

i'm with you captain. I thought before this that the mid terms would be a blue ripple with the republicans holding both houses as I think the trumpers will show up and the socialists really just like to bitch and there's not that many of them.

I think cav has a whole lotta people saying this has gone far enough and they'll be damned if they're going to sit home and let it get worse on election day. I now think the senate gains a couple of republicans and the house loses just a couple(because of how things are set up this year that would be a red wave).

Anonymous said...

Gone are the days where democrats were reasonable but misinformed. Now they're all about socialism at all costs. Marginalize white men, convince everyone else that fair systems of merit are actually conspiracies that can only be fixed with the "help" of benevolent democrats, and then let the free shit fly.

A Texan said...

Both parties are pretty bad and play politics at the expense of all Americans. But this is so egregious. The nominee has some deficiencies. None of them can really read what the Constitution says so the anti-Federalist were right about the black robes. But amazing they found of all of this the week he would have been confirmed. It's such a happy coincidence.

Robert What? said...

I hope you are right Cap'n but don't forget - the Republicans will need an extra big turnout to overcome the Democrat election fraud. The fraud will give the Democrats a 5-10 percent boost.