Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cappy Has An Amazon Affiliate Program in the UK

In theory.

It's not clear because doesn't make it terribly clear, but if you happen to be a Brit and were going to buy Bachelor Pad Economics anyway, could you click on this link and do so?  I think I need a couple sales before they approve me.

Regardless, many thanks from across the pond.



Unknown said...

I bought the book with the link, but if I try to navigate to a different product, the reference in the URL changes and removes all reference to you (I hope you got your cut since I bought the kindle version instead of the linked paperback).
Trying to work out what your store ID is so that I can create my own links, I've seen both &tag=captaicapit0b-20 (from the affiliate link on the blog and in other linked products; this appears to be your US affiliate ID) and &tag=captcapitalis-21 (in the link you gave above, which I'm guessing is your UK affiliate link). Could you try creating another UK link for testing purposes? Hopefully you don't have to create an affiliate link for every product we buy.

Anonymous said...

As Unknown@357 says, the affiliate link isn't preserved if we navigate to a different item. If you post a UK link to the Kindle edition of Bachelor Pad Economics, I'll buy it.