Friday, September 05, 2014

A Serious Request for International Readers

Greetings All,

After a summer of hiking, road tripping, Vegas....Vegas....and Vegas once again, it's time to get back to work (only because everybody else is) and get serious.

Posts, as you may have noticed, have taken on a more serious and meaty tone, projects have been achieved, and things have been tidied up.  Since this "house cleaning" is done, now we can move on to "strategic planning" which I promised myself this year would be expanding or at least making inroads into different countries.

I know the majority of my readership is from the US and Canada, but I also know we have a fair number of lieutenants in Eastern Europe, the MidEast, Asia, Russia.  Heck, we even have two schmoes running around Morocco. 

My simple request is this.

If you are a reader of Cappy Cap and know of sites in your home country that are similar or conducive to our various "beliefs" or "platforms" here, I would very much appreciate it if you would post their links in the comment section below.

DO NOT just send me "My friend Bill's" page.  I want significant players in your respective countries as I don't think a lot of effort has been made to puropsely seek out and network different groups in different countries.

I know this sounds "hokey pokey" and "touchy feely," but it is quite strategic and purposeful and any help would be greatly appreciated (especially from you Aussies and Kiwis down south who think you're special because you're in the southern hemisphere)

Anyway, you recommendations and suggestions are greatly appreciated,




Anonymous said...

Germany has a wonderful libertarian magazine called eigent├╝mlich frei. Their web presence is at

Switzerland has a very good weekly german language magazine called Weltwoche, online at

SRBEL said...

The Social Pathologist, Aussie conservative.

Gatmando said...

A regular stop for me in the UK:

Gatmando said...

A regular stop for me in the UK:

Gustav Mikhailovich said...

If you're looking down under, there is SydneyTrads:
The Daily Reckoning:
Also yours truly:

Gustav M.

I.J said...

Australian conservatives:

Australia needs more of this.