Monday, September 08, 2014

The True Risk of Rape Culture

As I've said before, it pays to step back, clear your vision, and look at something with fresh eyes  And one such instance that required me to do this happened recently.  Namely, how my view of rape has changed.

I personally have not gotten all that much into the "rape culture" thing because there's enough people covering it and it's also too "dramaticy" for me.  The feminists lie about the "epidemic" of rape on campus, saner heads point out to the obvious risks men face with false rape claims, add to that I'm viscerally repulsed by rape so I have a natural predisposition to avoid the topic.  However, with the "Yes Means Yes" legislation being pushed through California's legislature, I was more or less compelled to address it or at least look into it because of the obvious increase in false rape claims and its potentially disastrous consequences for men. 

I made a link, mentioned it on a podcast I believe, addressed the obvious slippery slope such legislation presented, etc., etc,.  But it wasn't until I read this article did I realize how my view of rape had changed.  And not for the better.

My reaction to the article was what you'd expect of my typically dour and cynical nature:

"Oh yeah, right, you were 'raped'."
"Oh wow, what are the chances she's doing that just for her thesis."
"Uh huh, more attention whoring."
"Worthless degree."
"Oh!  There it is!  The 1 in 4 lie!"

But that's just it.  Think about it.

20 years ago had I heard about a girl being raped I would have been appalled and angry.  I would have been concerned if she was alright.  I'd be demanding the guy be tracked down and castrated.  Heck, I'd probably go and hunt him down myself.

But today my natural, default reaction is...

disbelief and distrust.

And this is the VERY important point I'm trying to make.  Because feminists in their desire to create a false "rape epidemic," to make every man on campus a potential threat and every woman a victim, to get to the point they are intervening in innocent private sexual lives to this extent has so alienated most men (and saner women) that they are suffering from "false rape claim burnout."  So much so people no longer focus on rape, but whether they're LYING about being raped.

The consequences are typical of feminism and leftism - they harm the people they claim they're trying to help, specifically in this case, GENUINE rape victims.  The TRUE victims of rape can no longer rely on immediate support from the community and sane minds.  Thanks to leftists, feminists and their gender politics, real victims of rape are immediately greeted with cynicism and disbelief.  In some circles the trust has been so eroded people just assume every rape claim is false. 

Sadly, this is where many of us need to step back, rub our eyes and look at things clearly.  Just because feminists and their "rape culture" have tainted the reputation of self-proclaimed victims of rape, you need to remember that rape does happen, it is a horrifying experience, and there are genuine victims that do need help and support.  The trick is to reserve judgement until the facts are in.

In the meantime men, get that "after sex text" and avoid university campuses that are insane enough to instill a "Yes means yes" policy.


Drive-by Commenter said...

Stardusk calls this Feminism's moral fallout.

Wraith said...

The boy who cried 'wolf', the girls who cried 'rape.'

Seems we ought to start teaching our kids some of those old folk stories again. The Feminazis didn't appear to get the memo.

Anonymous said...

Rape is just not as serious anymore in a culture of promiscuity. A woman who has had a dozen one-night-stands cannot credibly convince me that some form of "date rape" was all that damaging, at least not without severe injuries. It's like petty fraud or theft from a high-volume business, it's just not that significant, and is something you decide to accept for doing business on that level. And after their rapes most of these women are back to business as normal

Xtrasweettea said...

Years ago, this was a joke... now this doesn't seem like a bad idea at all:

Chapelle Show, "Love Contract" Skit

Fred2 said...

The usual unexpected consequences

Anonymous said...

"So much so people no longer focus on rape, but whether they're LYING about being raped."

Yes. The feminist have turned their nuclear deterrent into a fart in an elevator.

Five minutes trawling for 'false rape' on the web, and the reasons for falsely claiming to have been raped range from I don't want my husband to know I had sex with two guys at the same time, to I don't like this hood and want to move somewhere new.

Höllenhund said...

On a different note, don't you think there's something fishy about this story?

"Four white women between 20 and 21 years old have been attacked in the last nine days under similar circumstances and by a similar suspect...

One woman was punched in the head and had her clothing ripped, but as she yelled out, a neighbor chased the man off. A second woman also fought back and yelled, drawing attention from nearby bystanders, who intervened. The third and fourth women also fought back, and the UFPD credits each of the victims with stopping the assaults from going further."

"According to student newspaper The Independent Alligator, the suspect is a 6'4", 250-lb white man in his late twenties or early thirties with some facial stubble who always wears University of Florida branded clothing and attacks at night. He's also incredibly evasive for an enormous person; the most recent attack occurred last night at 8:42 PM, and even though police arrived within three minutes of the incident, by that time, the suspect had vanished."

So the perpetrator is basically a phantom-like giant who always wears the same clothing. Yeah.

It reads like a story feminist writer'd come up with.

Faithless Cynic said...

Jeebus! Someone please invent an oral sex machine. You will become verrry rich. A robo blo and high speed internet are all a man needs. The former bitchy man haters will be groveling for any male.

Sweet Revenge

Captain Capitalism said...

Hollenhund, that's why I posted. There ARE real rapists out there.

Alex from Australia said...

Chapin did a video on this mattress chick:

bobn said...

Yeah - just as the charge of racism has been totally devalued. It's meaningless to be called racist (in spite of the consequences) - anybody who disagrees with a black person about anything is a racist now.