Thursday, September 25, 2014

Stay Frosty Boys

Stay the freak frosty.


Robert What? said...

If they charge her with making false statements to the police, I will have a tiny fraction of my trust restored in our criminal justice system. But I'm sure they will live up - or should I say down - to my expectations.

Kristophr said...

The man had sex with a girl who was, at best, a year past the jail-bait line.

I'm sure that young and silly bint's mental hamster had warp drive nacelles on it. That text message saved his ass.

Anonymous said...

I knew they happen more than we like to believe but am still shocked that its don for 20 freaking dollars.

Shamwow that's cold.


Anonymous said...

See, that how far cops will go for you if you drive a Porsche. And maybe afford an expensive lawyer too.

If not, you will be in jail for a long time - like many other cases.

Sorry, anon for now.

Anonymous said...

Women never make false raype claims! How can this be? Too bad she is not being held on a 1.2 million dollar bail. Oh wait I forgot about the p-pass