Sunday, September 28, 2014

World's Most Useful Degree

More powerful than any liberal arts degree ever.


Anonymous said...

The highest return on investment:

You and your trailer park of a web site are a shitstain on intelligent discussion.

Now kneel and suck liberal arts cock, you vapid waste basket of internet stupidity!

PS: I have brewed my own beer for over 24 years.

Anonymous said...

HAVE LONG SAID THE TWO MOST USEFUL THINGS LEARNED IN GRADUATE SCHOOL WERE MASTERING CHOP STICKS (virology prof was Chinese) AND SOURDOUGH BREAD MAKING (glorious times culturing bacteria and fungi to learn which does what).

PhD Microbiology
UC, Davis 1972

One Fat Oz Guy said...

"Aimed at supporting" a fast growing industry? More like cashing in on it.
Brewing beer is something that should be learnt by doing or working someone who does.
Credentialising beer making is wrong.
To paraphrase an old joke:
"Colleges have a degree for everything. The only thing Colleges don't have a degree for is premature ejaculation... But I hear that's coming quickly".

Nominee said...

Lol. Gay.