Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Can't Leave the Country Without It Going to Pot" Linkage

Fed has their own Snowden now.  How much you want to bet it's a bunch of Keynesians desperately trying to keep their faith?

Drop her off with ISIS.  She'll lose weight.

Female conservatives finding out they're NOT obliged to have children.  Oh noes Sean Hannity!  Who will fight your unwinable culture war in the future!!???

It is easier to join ISIS become a "glorious, exciting rebel" than it is to hit the books, study calculus and become an engineer.  Besides women find dangerous men more sexy.


Dave said...

A. J. Delgado is a libertarian who thinks she's a conservative. We're all going to die, so it's logically impossible to "conserve" anything without having children and passing on our values to them. There are many ways we might fall short of this goal (e.g. our kids become unemployable brainwashed occutards), but we must try anyway.

kurt9 said...

I just check out the ranting and raving on the National Review site about whether one needs to have kids in order to be a "conservative".

All I can say is this:

Conservatism as a world-view separate and distinct from libertarianism is a sick, pathological, stomach-churning relic from a pre-enlightenment past that has absolutely no legitimacy in a modern, technological society. I must admit that I despise these "conservatives" even more than liberals, and that's saying something considering that I absolutely detest liberals in any form, whatsoever.

If you think the GOP has any chance of electorial success promoting this kind of conservatism, I can assure you that this is pure delusion.

sth_txs said...

Conservative, like liberal, is just another synonym for a busybody who wants to tell you what to do with your money and property.

In regards to the overweight it, lots of these women in my part of the country. When I see them with kids, you can't help but think, 'Man, someone had to poke that!'

heresolong said...

Anyone who seriously thinks junk food is cheaper has a big fat rationalization hamster running full speed in their head. She even admits that joining a gym would cut into her pizza and Chinese take-away, neither of which is cheaper than cooking. The reality of this woman's life is that she is making bad choices and justifying them with BS, then asking taxpayers to pony up for those poor choices. Guarantee that no matter how much government cheese she gets, she will always be a fat cow.