Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday Constitutionals

If you want to play a joke on some friends of mine (The Black Brigade) "like" this page.  It's an inside joke and if you listen to their podcast you'll laugh your ass off.  Otherwise, if you just want to participate in a little prank "like" the page, but DON'T tell them I sent you.

Negative interest rates is like a hot chick coming up to you and asking you to go home and sleep with her.  It isn't natural and you know there's something wrong.

Diversity!  Imported from a third world country near you!

Oh come on Ed!!! Play some video games!!!!

Grandma hasn't paid off her student loans yet for her Masters in Social Work.


Jennifer said...

Aha! I was wondering why all the traffic on that post all of a sudden. Thanks Cap!

Kristophr said...

Negative interest rates are simply financial repression. This is the proper term for it.

They are trying to force an increase in velocity by penalizing saving by bad nasty "hoarders".

So the stupid spend it all as fast as they make it. The not so stupid withdraw it and put it in a mattress. The smart buy gold and silver.

And the really and truly retarded buy inflation-bubble US stocks with fantasy P/E ratios.