Thursday, September 25, 2014

IQ vs Insonomia

I present this for my readers not as ass kissing but for genuine concern and intellectual digest

I also present it because its 4AM in Switzerland and I'd arrogantly would like to think myself a genius.


hyper said...

Insomnia may also rob the sufferer of all energy and capacity to earn money. That is why Ritalin should be made easily available.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

OT - A bit of red pill truth in the 'man-drought':

First comes the sheila shortage, then the man drought

Kristophr said...

Don't confuse jet lag with genius.

Although I'm sure this post was strictly tongue in cheek.

If it makes you feel any better, compared to a registered Democrat, you probably are a genius. Or at least a Sub-Genius.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Being more aware of everything can lead to more self-consciousness and more insecurity, which can lead to more anxiety,which can lead to more chronic stress.
It's the stress which renders the mind and the body to "not be able to slow down" soon enough to enable the relaxation necessary for adequate amount of sleep.

Anonymous said...

I think the article have a point (and they have fact and research to back them up too).

As anon, I'll just say this:

I'm a genius (IQ count, at least) and sometimes it just hard to sleep. Its like watching the movie about that robot Number 5 (what was it?) you brain just keep 'more input. more input!'. you read stuff you probably don't need. and when in bed you keep thinking stuff that you are not involved with.

i don't know.

but we have to ask? why inventor invent? multiple inventor especially (like tesla). they have a thirst - and this quench it.

the same reason with old astronomers too (and this can be only done at night).

my 2 cent.