Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Book Review of Roosh's Latest Book

The reason I don't mention the title is because that's my primary complaint about the book (and a lot of books/writing in general in the Manosphere/Alt Right/Red Pill world) - it's too crass.  It's titled "Poosy Paradise."

If you read through it you can see how it couldn't be titled any other way.  It's the latest chapter in Roosh's life as he allows you to vicariously live through his as he travels Easter Europe chronicling his exploits and adventures in getting laid.  However, what originally started out 5 years ago as a random adventure to ensure his life was going to be different (starting with a trip to South America), Roosh's experiences are rapidly coalescing into an actual professor/career - that of an international playboy.  This evolution and honing of his life/career naturally leads him to the more esoteric and philosophical aspect of the book - precisely what do you do after you create your own job getting paid to travel the world and seduce women?

This is where I think Roosh's future lies and where I wish he put more emphasis on in the book.  Like the Voyager spacecrafts, he is pushing the limits and boundaries literally going where no one has gone before. And I say this not out of worship or ass kissing, but because it's true and I predict others will be following his lead.  Understand, he and MANY OTHER modern day men who dared to think out side the box, insist on better and different for their lives, are not only becoming very successful and leading lives of luxury and interest, but at too young an age (Roosh is 33) are being forced to ask questions rich men retiring in their 60's are asking.  And this fact shows in Roosh's logic following his behaviors and actions, leading him not to conclusions, but questions that most likely cannot be answered.

Sadly, as mentioned before, this is a small minority of the book, essentially the last chapter.  The rest is what you've all come to know and love Roosh for.  Detailed and entertaining accounts of his daily and nightly expeditions to find girls and get laid.  I personally enjoyed the tactical and strategic discussions as he would explain why he did something (sit next to a plant) and how he would interpret a text.  But then this high-level discussion would quickly deteriorate when he'd go into unnecessary, almost Harlequin Romance Novel level of grotesque detail about the sex he was actually enjoying.

Perhaps that is why his books do so well and he has the followership he does.  It is just my personal opinion his future does not lay in writing male-harlequin fantasy porn, but philosophy and pushing the limits of human existence.  


sanelity said...

This post reminds me - aren't YOU working on another book? I seem to recall you mentioning such in an earlier post.

What's it about, and when do you expect to publish?

Anonymous said...

Who's that black girl on the side there? She's hot!

Matt Forney said...

Wait... the guy who wrote Boris the Shitting Buffalo thinks "Poosy Paradise" is too crass a title? Now there's a laugh.

Anonymous said...

I was in a similar situation to Roosh. American traveling Eastern Europe and banging girls left and right. I don't know if it was my mind or my body that got tired of it, but it just got monotonous after a while. I finally settled down with one woman and we have a child now. I'm glad I had the experiences I did, but for me I also reached a point where I was ready for the next stage in my life. Let's see what happens to Roosh.

leeholsen said...

i checked his site, very educational on how to handle women; but i just cant get trying to nail women the world over.

obviously i'm the exception to most men, but give me a mountain side; some books, beer, cigars and skis in winter and i'll take that 9 days out of 10; even if jennifer anniston has me on speed dial.