Monday, September 22, 2014

The Ass Kicking of "It's On Us"

Not that you had a choice to notice it or not, but if you or anybody with even the most elementary of "social media" accounts, you no doubt had the "It's On Us" nazi propaganda "PSA" shoved down your throat.

Did you rape anybody?  No?

Tough shit, we're lecturing you.

Did you make an unwanted advanced on a person of the female persuasion?  No?

Tough shit, we're chartering you with the responsibility anyway.

The good news, and this is GOOD NEWS, is the response "It's On Us" has received.

It's be negative!

Despite all the money, funds, celebrityship, and even THE PRESIDENT OF THE FUCKING UNITED STATES, the American people took this trash and threw it back in the faces of the verminous leftist socialist scum.

Just look at the "like/dislike" ratios of the following videos.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

You can continue and view all the videos but what you'll invariably see is the American public upchucking the shit that was shoved down their throats.  NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY is swallowing this piece of leftist propaganda whole.  They're revolting against it!

Now, if you wanted to tell the originators of this evil posing as "leftist moral crusaderism" you can't.  "It's On Us" has no "comment" or "contact" section.

But oh my god
by golly
look at big titted Molly

THEY HAVE A "DONATE" button!!!!


You don't have to "kill" or "assassinate" or knee cap some leftist douche to fight the fight against the socialist onslaught on this country.  You just have to vote against all those videos and mock and ridicule them.

I mean, think about it.  These videos have the "cover" of being against rape and sexual assault.

Which EVERYBODY is against.


It's SOOOOOO fucking obvious they have a political motivation that people are voting them down.

For once, just ONCE, take the minute or two to vote these verminous leftist, Hollywood scum down and put these fuckers in their place.


Phil Galt said...

I dunno Cappy....I was just telling myself the other day that I needed some additional responsibilities in my life. Preferably something that would benefit someone else, who would not appreciate it anyways.

Anonymous said...

Did you see who sponsors that campaign? Center for American Progress. It's all about getting the mailing list so they can leverage the bogus WarOnWomen (TM) to mobilize for their liberal candidates. After all, the Democrats may lose the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18 AM has it completely and precisely right.

Saw a report last week that said women rape men just as much as men rape women.

This political movement manipulates statistics and projections that show campus "rape" is many times higher than it really is.

They're also trying to redefine rape - even asking a girl out is now considered "rape" in some places. Consensual sex is beig redefined as rape.

But ultimately, this is nothing more that the Democratic Party and their union shills creating a wedge issue, then blowing up the issue to get their mindless robots (in this case women) to get out to vote for them.


Just Another Misogynist said...

Plenty of ass kicking in the comments. There is hope!

Anonymous said...

I have never been sexual harassed by anyone. Where my money at?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, will the civil unrest please begin so that assholes like these are removed from the gene pool!!
They're a fucking disgrace to this country!!!

Tom the Impaler said...

Looks like the like/dislike counters are turned off?

CelticTigerDad said...

The exacerbation of problems that either don't exist or are minor is how progressives put meat on their table.

Speaking of eating, aren't you all disgusted with all those celebrity public service ads talking about how one fifth of all children in America experience hunger? Are they fucking kidding?! Nearly every kid I see now is a fatso, and the more poor the more overfed and fat. Just take a walk through the nearest Walmart.

Anonymous said...

It's On Us
...and they want you to sign a pledge.
I doubt very much that this is a coincidence.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

At the rate it's going, my guess is that the comments and ratings for these videos will be disabled in the next 24 hours.
Tick, tick, tick...

PhantomZodak said...

lol, yes, this crap & the he/she campaign are both dead in the water. nobody is talking about them. & the he/she campaign was upstaged by the fappening hoax, way to shoot yourself in the foot, feminists.

Bo Jangles said...

Rape is serious guys. I was on a California University campus and had sex with a girl. She sucked and fucked and refused to let me leave until I came on her face. What worse she didn't get my verbal consent as required by California law. I'm typing this while in the shower trying to wash the dirt away, in the morning I'm calling the police to report her for the rape.