Thursday, December 18, 2014

El Sooper Mexican Podcast

Howdy All,

Many of you know my frustrations with "teh interwebz" community when it comes to the lack of business focus and orientation on profit.  You have scores of people with a great product (be it a podcast, a blog, a youtube channel, etc.), but they never capitalize on it.  Me being of an entrepreneurial mind knows the potential of teh interwebz, especially when it comes to the blogging community and so, when I approach an online media personality with the offer of MONEY, it enrages me that they never get back to me.

Not because they don't want my sponsorship.
Not because they don't like money.
But because they lack hustle or just plain fail to appreciate the earnings potential their online presence has.

Enter in Sooper Mexican.

Sooper Mexican (henceforth "Soop") has a hell of an online media empire going on.  Web site, podcast, you name it.

And it only took 4 weeks of hounding and brow-beating to get him to finally run ads for Cappy.

And while I am joking, sadly, I'm not.  Most podcasters of significant note, just plain don't have the business acumen like Tom Leykis to get back to you the next day, let alone the next month like El Soop.

Still, Soop got back to me and I wanted to introduce his podcast to all of you.  I am a regular listener and believe that if you like my rough-around-the-edges podcast you will also like his.  It is definitely an above-average podcast that will replace your talk-radio listening and MSM consumption.

Plus he has a loud-mouth guy from Wall Street or something on, not to mention some Texan hick from a trailer.

Regardless, great podcast, something to download...that's if he'd up his bandwidth and not get cut off by his provider because he underestimates his popularity.

Atlanta tomorrow, St. Petersburg the day after, normal operations by the end of the week.

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