Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SJWing to Rationalize Your Worthless Degree

not to mention your worthless self.

Actually, I take that back.  SJW's aren't worthless human beings.  They're parasitic.  I keep forgetting that they always need other people's money to survive.

Just aiming for 100% accuracy here folks!


Palace Gypsy said...

Way off topic, I just love the headline though.

Anonymous said...

The reason why discrimination of parasites is justified:

If we give them money or products, we feed them. Separatism is justified - that is the reason why we isolate the parasites on our body when they leech too much of our blood. Its the only way to stop them.

x said...

Most of the SJW beliefs are not based on reason, SJW motivations based on revenge and the enjoyment of power obtained through fear and guilt manipulation. Really SJW operate just like a religion in the middle ages. Remember the founders of the Americas laws and institutions were intentionally based on reason, a radical departure from the status quo of the time. America was not made by politically correct religious intimidation and narcissistic kings.

Benjamin Franklin is one of the best examples of what made America. He was born only a few years after the Salem witch trials, the Salem witch trials were perpetrated by three teenage girls. Consider the lightning rod, which was invented by Franklin and given to the world freely. Before this when lighting would strike a structure it was allowed to burn to the ground, no one would help put the fire out as it was considered Gods judgment. It was a bit of a controversial to use Franklin's lightning rod as it was said to be interfering with the domain of God. Franklin replied to this and said do we not have roofs to protect us from the hail and rain? God make the hail and rain just as he makes lightning, why should we not protect ourselves from that?

Anonymous said...

Parasites are found in nature and are an important part of the food chain.

The common mosquitoe is a parasite because it needs to suck your blood to reproduce. It's built to fly up to 40 miles away from their nest and it's got a built it needle to puncture across your skin and suck your blood. It needs the protein in your bloodstream to make it's own eggs.

If mosquitoes would go extinct, it would upset the ecosystem and species of birds and other mammals would disappear and it would adversely impact our lives.

Being bitten, having our blood suck and having to scratch ourselves for some time is the price to pay to have an ecosystem with opportunities to exploit.

It's a feedback loop. You should not be ashamed of yourself.

In an economic system that pits people against each other, in an extremely competitive system that creates winners and losers, in a system that cannot meet basic human needs, parasitism is a duty.

Using the government is one way to compete. What, you thought competition had rules ?

Nature doesn't care that your blood is supposedly your private property. It evolved mosquitoes to suck your blood.

Go ahead, call me a mentally diseased court jester all you want. Ad hominem attacks.

You just refuse to admit the truth, that capitalism doesn't work and is not sustainable.

Your constant shaming and guilting is getting old and is counterproductive.

In the end, your morality lectures will fail. People are only interested in what they will get.

If they cannot get what they need to moral way, they will choose the parasitic way.

The fact that there is a big parastic class is a big indictment against capitalism.

Capitalism force people to be employees and to sell their labor for income. People can't just wake up, go to work and produce. They need to hired first and employers are picky.

People who could have contributed to society are shut off and the economy is not optimal.

The reason why workers are shut off is because there is not enough purchasing power in the market to absorb the extra production in a profitable manner. Employers have to protect their profits and the market value of their holdings.

Allowing people to produce to meet their needs would dilute the market value of their holdings and reduce the employer's profits.

Profit is in the way.