Monday, December 29, 2014

"Lloyd and Joe" for President

Here's a foreign concept.

The Republican party goes on a recruiting campaign to hire NORMAL AMERICANS to run for president instead of their blue blood, brother-and-son-of-a-president, billionaire elitists.

How much you want to bet the Democrats steal this idea because they're smarter than the Republicans?


Survivorman said...

When Hillary becomes president..
we'll refer to the horrible 8-year Obama regime as the "Good ol' Days".

Anonymous said...

There actually is a way to have ordinary Joes run for office. Have 3000 randomly selected citizens vote, the same way they do political polling. That way, no big corporate campaigning and sellouts to donors would happen. Shoot, the candidates could even talk to the people one on one and hear the issues in a personal matter. Average people could compete with professional campaigners.

It won't happen. The problem with universal suffrage is that it is always interpreted to mean 100% of the people vote, rather than 100% are eligible but only a practical fraction are selected. The first interpretation is a scam!

There is no democracy when the crowds get too big. The winner of elections is the guy with the biggest and loudest megaphone, all talk and no listening, and he gets that megaphone by selling out to billionaire donors and business. Ordinary opinions do not ever enter the equation.

The masses have proven countless times that they fall for the candidate with the most corporate cash to spend. Merit doesn't matter.

Richard Cranium said...

Someone brought up the point that if Hitlery or Jeb Bush gets elected with the exception of Obama it'll literally be an entire GENERATION that we'll have either a Clinton or a Bush in the White House. That's a scary thought. But considering the stupidity of the average person it's not surprising.

Anonymous said...

That might actually work if you found a salt-of-the-earth guy who actually has a clue about government, policy, politics, economics, sociology, etc. Someone who is exceptionally aware despite being salt-of-the-earth, like Lincoln. Because if Lloyd and Joe are going to make do with folksy common sense, they might end up like Sarah Palin, and the Democrats will laugh all the way to the next midterms.

As far as nepotist brats go, I wouldn't go quite as far as you are, capn. I don't despise nepotism any less than you do, but consider the difference between George W Bush and Romney. In terms of privilege gained at birth and perks gained through daddy's connections, Bush had tons more than Romney, but it didn't count against him in either presidential campaign. Bush didn't act like a clueless upper-class twit.

-Red Knight

sth_txs said...

Since the Republican Party f'd over Ron Paul supporters last time and does not like the Tea Party movement anyway, I will not support or vote for any Republican candidate. Voting is pretty much a waste of time anyway.

I will always consider Bob Dole and John McCain traitors regardless of their military service. They both voted for more gun control and high taxes and have a voting record more in common with the totalitarians they fought against.