Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Iforgetday Linkage

Iforgetday is a problem that has been increasing ever since I entered self employment.  And not just self employment, but where I have nothing even remotely approaching a schedule to adhere to and only know if it's a weekday or a weekend if my girlfriend is in the bed when I wake up.

Thus I've come up with "Iforgetday."  Unlike "Tuesday" or "Friday" it's always, "Iforgetday" in Cappyland.  And seriously, right now, I have no idea what day it is.  Therefore, today's linkage will be "Iforgetday" linkage.  Enjoy!

A white guy who write about white privilege and racism for the SLPC is suspected of being murdered by two black men.

Stupid people want to be thought of as smart.  This is why leftists pursue worthless and advanced worthless degrees.  This is also why, when arguing with these same leftists, they never agree to take an IQ test.  They need to hide behind their piece of paper that says they are smart.

I didn't even know there was a debate about how Amazon/self publishing is or is not going to bring better books into the market.  All Amazon did was make it a free market.  I've yet to hear that bringing about a worse result.

The Bakken Bubble.


christian said...

Watching liberals defending their so called intelligence behind a bullshit degree hahahahhaha anyways I can't wait to self publish my book once done..

Jamie NZ said...

You Yankies watch your backs...

The hammer's coming down!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do liberals pursue bullshit degrees? One reason is that if they sling the stuff around enough they might get college position, and if they are gay, well! Colleges are happy hunting grounds for lesbians!

Anonymous said...

If the author of that Bakken Bubble piece is right in his assertion that that investment wouldn't have happened without Fed money printing, that would be a validation of Keynes, not a refutation.

It would mean that that cheap money injected actually ended up being spent on expanding the factors of production in the economy, not just ended up inflating financial markets.

If the Bakken crashes now, it does so because private investors (also known as the invisible hand of the free market) made investment decisions that turned out badly. The market screwed up. Considering how much hype there has been aroud shale oil - AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE FUCK YEAH, DRILL BABY DRILL - it would probably gone ahead and invested in it anyway, paying whatever interest rates necessary to fund the investment, and ended up even more screwed than the industry currently is.

-Red Knight