Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Monday Lazy Man's Day Linkage

This is how a culture collapses.

A feminist pines for men to pay for her date...and JB takes her down.

Tickity tock, ladies.  Tickity, freaking, tock.

Do not rebuild Ferguson.

New podcast treasure trove - The 405 Gang 

And new blogroll addition - Night Sky Radio!

Yes, the picture does describe it all. 


Anonymous said...

Cap, have you seen this?


Anonymous said...

For your second link, that is why Tom Leykis recommends to eat and drink before your "date". That way, you will hardly have to order anything, your "date" will feel embarrassed for pigging out, then you can use her weakened emotional state to take advantage of her. And all for under 9.99!

Anonymous said...

The decline of a culture can be measured by its Border, Language, and Culture

Anonymous said...

I took a look at the menopause article, which goes on to say women become subhuman, shrieking, harpies after they go through menopause. I'd like to take a moment and point out that my grandmothers were some of the finest people I have met. I'd also like to note that my wife is going through this change, and it's not really causing any problems for me.

NightSkyRadio said...

Thanks for the add.