Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Today's Horribly Offensive, but 100% True Joke

Female rape claims are becoming an awful lot like female orgasms - fake.

Ba dum bum!

Anyway, on a serious note, the mental acrobatics these scum go through is criminal.

Girls "don't know" that going to the cops is an option?  They're not "guided" by the college to report rape to the police?

No, how about Occam's Razor?  They majority of these claims are fake and that's why girls don't report it to the police.

This fake rape culture bullshit IS bullshit and is a sick and psychotic (and desperate) power grab on the part of hate filled feminists and socialists to beget money from the government, maintain victim status, all at the expense of falsely accused men.  It amazes me how there is NOT ONE WORD written about the panic, pain, and agony men falsely accused of rape go through.  And never mind the air of fear that college men must be living under now should they dare ask a girl out.

It's gross, it's disgusting, and we're going to continue to point it out until the masses realize just what an evil is festering in academia and the government.


Arthur Isaac said...

Check this out Cap.

Is that weird or what?

Anonymous said...

It's funny, isn't it, that all of the accusations are for male on female - never male on male, nor female on female. Of course good little lesbians and gays are always perfectly respectful of their partners, aren't they?

As Captain Capitalism might say, "HAR!"

Anonymous said...

The chances of being accused of rape are high enough now to where you are better off risking a solicitation charge for attempting to obtain prostitution services.

Anonymous said...

They piss on the actual victims of rape with their fake nonsense.

Anonymous said...

How long before they are accusing someone of raping them in a previous life?