Monday, December 22, 2014

The Eulogy of a SJW

A life of avoiding work and accomplishment, placing value on traits you were born with and did nothing to earn, while playing the victim card all the way to your grave, ultimately wasting your life.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

I saw the same thing with a woman whose whole career consisted of being paid to work in aboriginal communities, then getting awards for working in those communities, then getting big government jobs because of that work.
She was introduced at a University event with us being told every award she'd been handed for doing the work she was PAID to do.
She then got up and told us we needed to do (read as pay) more for (to) them.
If she was so good at what she did over a 30 year career, why are they still so far behind?
Also, this woman herself is aboriginal, so she's getting paid and awarded for working in her OWN community!

98abaile said...

Well I WILL remember him as a revolutionary communist (assuming I don't just instantly forget about such a nobody) and will accompany his memory with all the scorn such a label so richly deserves.

Anonymous said...

"Her last words were: "Remember me as a revolutionary communist.""

Burn in Hell, you fucking bitch!

Rich Fader said...

What in the world did I just read?

Anonymous said...

Whats her name? Im australian also, qld based.

TroperA said...

So, do you think it was the tick-borne diseases that made her look like a Holocaust zombie, or was that a look she was trying to purposely cultivate?

Also, I love how she lambasted the very doctors who were treating her condition, blaming "transphobia" for her many tick-borne diseases. It sure couldn't be her fault for hanging around in tick-infested areas. Typical Marxist. Always needing someone else to blame for their problems.

Matthew Smith said...

tick-borne co-infections? In the 21st century?
Some people simply don't deserve to live.

melmoth said...

The photo says it all;

That is a top-shelf example of 'progressive hero-face'

There's just a certain kind of set to the eyes that screams, "I'm the hero, not you! Life just matters more to me!"

Meanwhile some goof-ball who simply ENJOYS life will usually just smile at a camera when the time comes, like it's so silly and over-the-top that their image should be graven.

Anonymous said...

WTF? I clicked on it, and it forced me to endure a video ad for a lesbian vacation resort (I had to clorox my eyes).

I skimmed it, then went straight to the comments, where I observed what appeared to be a balance of sycophancy and reality projection.

I'm half her age, but my meager accomplishments are on par with his/hers/its: Rebuilding a classic muscle car to use as a daily driver for 10+ years, developed reliable production testing for digital storage creating easy ways to store porn, and running security for 5 years at a furry-con.


Mike said...

What the hell is this Leslie Feinberg thing? A he or a she? Since they keep referring to it as a "she," I'm assuming it's, in reality, a "he." If I reverse what liberals actually say, I usually come out close to the truth.

JoeAmerica said...

I really like what One Fat Oz Guy said.

Have also noticed these SJW types always seem to enjoy tearing down, destroying and redistributing whats left by forcible government coercion.

In the reference link about this,

You will notice in the link above not a single critical comment, heavy censorship is the norm in SJW circles. No one is allowed to have any other opinion, this is a standard feature of operating Marxist governments.

Not all gay people what want heavy government control, most like there freedom and don't want the government fucking with them.

Faithless Cynic said...

There is an important lesson here. Lyme disease and co-infections like babiosis can and will kill you. I worked as a meter installer for a local power company and had lyme twice. I paid 200 bucks out of pocket both times for 30 days of Doxycycline to eradicate the crud. The job was a temp job with no healthcare. Forget the Lesbocommie whatever the fuck she was and pay attention to your own health if you spend time outdoors. My hands have been so frozen with Lyme that I could not dial a phone or use tools. Lyme is serious. End Rant!

Eric said...

tick-borne co-infections? In the 21st century?

Most people call it "AIDS".

sn6grumble said...

Ummmm.... so that article and website aren't satire?

Anonymous said...

"who identified as an anti-racist white, working-class, secular Jewish, transgender, lesbian, female, revolutionary communist"

All you need to know right there.