Friday, March 27, 2015

Daddy Government and Corporate Boyfriend

What Daddy Government can’t offer you is wisdom.

Daddy Government will subsidize your babies, but he won’t tell you which men to avoid.  He’ll lock up anybody you accuse of raping you, but he won’t tell you how to avoid rape in the first place.  He’ll help you get that scholarship, but he won’t warn you about the trade-offs required for a full-time career.  He’ll indulge his baby-girl… but he won’t help her grow into an adult woman.


x said...

In the news the Ellen Pao sex discrimination suit, you just cant make this kind of stuff up, even after Ellen Pao was fired by Kleiner, she was paid $33,333 a month for the next six months, plus benefits.
She had asked for $10 million in exit money from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers before she filed the lawsuit which she asked for 16 million plus punitive.
Really this is not too complicated, its a legal robbery.
But in countess news articles you get the typical feminist rehash, they conveniently don't mention the money parts of this.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

A woman who sits near me at work comes in late, leaves early, takes random days off over and above what she's allowed to and when her manager marked her performance as Fair for pay rises she must have put on some act with the upper management about being a poor woman in a male dominated industry.
She then got more of a pay rise than most other people (some got NONE) and she still wasn't happy.
She spends half her time talking with people walking past about what her spoilt children are doing before complaining she's not being updated about what people under her are doing.
Seems like she can do whatever she likes because if anyone picks her up on work, hours or output she throws back in their faces about the company's work-life balance policy.
I guess like so many other things, you're only allowed to pull the work-life balance card if you're a woman. I tried once and was told that it was up to me to manage my time to achieve work-life balance.