Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Liberal Arts Have Lost All Validity

I'll say it again for the cheap seats:

The liberal arts are no longer a valid or legitimate study in college.  They are nothing more than hobbies in activism and socialism, serving only as functional tools of brainwashing and employment of worthless, talentless leftists in this and other western countries.

I will NEVER hire a liberal arts major (unless they have seen the light)
And I will NEVER trust a liberal arts professor with anything.


Burger & fries, please said...

Liberal Arts degrees are just VERY expensive reading lists!

grey enlightenment said...

Yeah, you are right, If you went 50-$100k into debt for a masters in English, you are screwed. Especially in this job market.

JK Brown said...

Case in point, 2015 is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta. Such a year would be an excellent opportunity to promote the study of Western Civilization. Yet from the Humanities/Liberal Arts departments across the country, we hear....nothing.

They are so afraid of promoting anything to do with the individual rights and freedom, they won't even advertise Magna Carta as a "bait and switch".

LordSomber said...

It's disappointing that at one time on Rate My Professors, students were actually critical regarding the value received from a particular professor's class; now, all their positive marks seem to boil down to "Well, it's an easy 'A'."
The higher education bubble continues to grow.

Anonymous said...

I am getting my own liberal arts education. I got the Harvard classics on kindle for a couple bucks total. The first book is Benjamin Franklin's autobiography. Read it and weep at how weak and uninteresting you are in comparison.

x said...

I agree,

I though of you when I saw this. Its really over the top, you just cant make this kind of stuff up.
The sign in the picture is about 70 feet high, its huge next to the I10 free-way in California.

Anonymous said...

I at least chose a REAL Liberal Arts degree when I studied European History! Then I found out just how bad professors are when you want to go through grad school, gave up on all that stupid shit, and got a real job. It's not as dreamy or fun, but it pays the bills and lets me do what I want to do.