Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Deb Hollingstad - Woman With Horse, Will Spend Money

I'm not going to editorialize, but instead we're going to play a game.  A game called


There's at least 7 in there.

Here's the original story.

Here is Ms. Hollingstad's background.



Kristophr said...

Hollingstad ( the fake medicine fraudster ) was paying for that horse with contract-breaking AirBnB subletting of her unit to travellers.

I find the owner's strategy for getting out from under SF's insane rent controls hilarious.

Anonymous said...

-Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

-Owns a horse.

-Looks like a feminist. I'm just guessing.

-Has a poor understanding of economics.

-Lives in California. (Or wants to stay in California)

-Has probably never worked a real day in her life.

-She "likes to travel!" I'm sure.

-Takes a serious profession (oncology) and dumbs it down with "Chinese medicine" so that she can feel important.

-Her picture looks stupid. Like she's about to sneeze or crap her pants.

Bottom line she's an idiot.

Ollie said...

Lots of boxes checked off there. I bet she helped put the big O in office, too. No pity here - just schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

At least three.

1) She has horses but doesn't live on a farm.

2) She voluntary agreed to pay $2100/mo for a dinky apartment, ruining it for everyone else with a functioning brain.

3) Parts of her website state "Coming Soon" (this is akin to having a physical storefront and hanging blank pieces of paper in the window offering ??? services or products)

Aaron said...

Rent control and moving expenses? San Francisco hates property owners, huh.

Matt 1729 said...

Anonymous said...

Women Try Vaginal Weightlifting For The First Time

Florian Ulrich said...

Wow... ok. Let me take a stab here at 7 happy cap themes.

1. She practises Chinese Cancer Medicine? if that was indeed helping against cancer, she would have been able to afford twice the new rent or at the very least not need rent control. Instead, she has two testimonials, none of which claim that her medicine actually cured cancer. Theme: worthless majors.

2. Why live in a super expensive city like San Francisco? If you have a private medicine practice that does not bring in tons of money, go to a more affordable state where taxes are low. I heard Colorado has gorgeous nature where she can ride her horse as well. But no, it has to be Hippie Central, because... it's so romantic? Funny how in these supposedly alternative cities the cost of living is through the roof. Theme: "liberal cities" (?)

3. "I never imagined anything like this could be legal". Reality is not fueled by imagination. Theme: base your arguments in reality, not wishes.

4. She is 44 years old. Theme: Gen X

5. The landlord provided all the materials, but she did the painting herself. Well... she does want to live in a nice home. Does she think this paint-job makes her entitled to stay lifelong renter? Theme: entitlement

6. She shared the rent increase on Facebook and harvests outrage. So she still expects other people to bail her out? This is utterly useless. Maybe she could sell her chinese cancer medicine potions on the internet, that might be a better use of her time and energy. Theme: become financially independent by becoming an entrepreneur.

7. Rent control... if you rent below market rates, the landlord takes a loss. Kind of even makes sense to increase the rent when one tenant leaves. Theme: economic parasitism.

She could actually relocate to a cheaper part of the country, build her medicine practise into an online business, maybe earn money with that and have at least enough after a while to retire comfortably enough that she can still experience nature. She probably has to ditch her horse, though.

Anonymous said...

Why do Kalifornians always "puff" their resumes soo much?

Glen Filthie said...


In addition to the smell of napalm in the morning, there is nothing quite so fine as seeing a socialist discover that their own wealth is going to be 'redistributed' too...!

Mr Ed said...


TroperA said...

Instead of bawling about her meaniehead landlord, she should be grateful that she was able to spend ten years living in an apartment whose value was twice what she had paid for it. It's telling that she expects the man to swallow a $2000 a month loss and charitably allow her to stay (while providing him nothing close to that value in return.)

This may be the first time in her life that reality has caught up with her. Not bad, considering she's in her mid 40's. She's done better than most women in her generational bracket, but I'm sure that fact will elude her...