Friday, March 13, 2015

When Ego and Fear Trump Truth

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Glen Filthie said...

Just curious Aaron:

You belittle the woman for refusing to face truths that she is afraid of.

In your book about leading the blackman out of poverty - do you acknowledge the fact that the average IQ of blacks is pegged at 85? And that the average black that could benefit from your book probably can't read it?

As an old fart looking at younger men I would say the woman is exactly right. Men aren't growing up, they are copping out, flaking out and waiting for the day when their parents die so they can inherit all their stuff. About the only mistake this woman makes is that our young women aren't any better. They aren't growing up either.
And for you kids that want to kick my can for saying all this - ask yourselves - who is going to take care of YOU in your old age?

HAR HAR HAR - there is definitely too much speaking truth to power going on round here!!!

Anonymous said...

Glen Flithie,

It's none of your business if other men don't want to get married. We live in a free country and adults have the right to make their own decisions.

If you feel that not enough men are marrying, then you are free to pick up the slack. Become a mormon and have multiple wives.

What men do with their lives is none of your business.

Anonymous said...

Glen Filthie,

"who is going to take care of YOU in your old age?"

Is there any reason to live old ? Do I have to reach old age ?
I don't want to experience decaying and rotting in my body.

I'll take care of myself before I make it to old age.

Nobody is going to take care of me in my old age because I will be dead before I become old. Problem Solved !