Monday, March 16, 2015

What Is Private Property?

Delving into precisely what is private property and why it is the key to economic success, as well as what happens to economies when you take it away:


Neil Schnurr said...

Excellent! Simply excellent. This 22 minutes is worth more than a whole semester's worth of college economics. Must see material for everyone.

Anonymous said...

There’s a concept that ties in with the excellent points Aaron makes. Since the U.S. government has been steadily devolving into a tyrannical oligarchy for about a century with spurts of hardcore fascism & socialism dosed in for good measure, the country has been turned into just another typical crumbling European social democracy, with its accompanying lower living standards.

Since the economic damage done over the years by government has a cumulative effect, everyone has been collectively robbed of the additional production and technological advancements that would have occurred but didn’t. The average person’s standard of living should be on the order of a magnitude higher if this missing long-term economic growth had occurred. Imagine how much cheaper almost everything would be. How about paying just $5k for a new car…or a mid-size home for $50k? And no one today could dream of an average retirement age of 45 or 50, or an average life span of 90+ years.

The bottom line is the masses are utterly clueless about how they have been secretly swindled, and how they’ve been robbed of a much higher standard of living.

Aaron said...

I've been saying this for years - our property is our life (time + mental and physical effort). We trade life, little bits, or large chunks, for property. Therefore property = life and anyone is damn-well justified in defending property with lethal force, since stealing property is stealing life.