Monday, March 30, 2015

Economics 101 - Women Do NOT Like Sex as Much as Men

Some more of my SAEG (TM)


Wraith said...

Actually, there are a certain subset of women who do, indeed, enjoy and want sex as much as guys.

However, those same women are, invariably, completely fucking batshit crazy. You don't get one without the other. So you're right--we do pay a price one way or the other.

Captain Capitalism said...

You will ALWAYS pay a price. Always.

grey enlightenment said...

It's annoying how people down-vote and complain. You don't care so much if liberals get pissed off, because you expect them to - but not people who you are expecting to agree with you.

Torgo said...

Fair enough, Cappy, but with respect I think it's more accurate to say that women like sex much much more than they like their man. Hence the popularity of romance novels to titillate her, and the popularity of sex shops full of toys to satisfy her.

Face it, brothers, the average woman despises you for your averageness. Self-improve in order to rise above this situation, and perhaps consider that becoming free of the need for their approval is a valid form of self-improvement.

Dan said...

As a generalization I'd say the statement is true. However as in all thing in life there are exceptions. I've been married for nearly 30 years. My wife likes getting it just as much as I like giving it. And she isn't
'batshit crazy', she's a degreed professional with a career making very good money....almost as much as I do. And for someone who just turned 59 she can EASILY pass herself off as being in her 40's because she cares about her looks also. There are some of us out there who struck gold when we got married.

Tom Roberts said...

I'd concur with Wraith. My most recent experience <4 yrs with a psych nurse (dig through Heartiste files and find the thread on nurses)was a genuine good old BPD, and we know where that leads.For newbee's do your research. "Crazy in the head, crazy in bed" bears repeating. Have fun, but pull the rip cord quick before you get sucked down [that]rabbit hole.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Cap. The way I look at it, is that for women, sex is nothing but a *means to an end* (the end being family, kids, etc. or maybe control, or having a happy husband, or whatever). With men, sex is an end in itself.

rodri said...

I disagree.

There are times when there is literally no price.

I once talked up to a girl at a club. I didn't buy her any drinks, after talking, dancing and kissing, we went back to my place and fucked.

I never called back and it was over.
no price was paid.