Monday, June 18, 2018

Cappy's Pacific Coast Highway Adventure

Continued my Pacific Northwest adventure by taking the 101 from Tacoma to Salem. I did NOT take this route because I wanted to see the scenery.  I quite literally took it so I would not have to deal with Portland and its leftist traffic.  The scenery was a close second however.

Enroute I did find a couple things of interest.

1)  Evergreen College, famous for its bigotry, was one of the first stops. The campus is HORRIFIC in terms of architecture and layout.I could see why mentally insane and suicidal people attend.

2) Astoria, home of "The Goonies House" was also along the way. The house however has been sectioned off from the public.

3)  Cannon Beach is also the filming location for the truck race in Goonies.  It was open to the public.

4)  If you are a motorcyclist I cannot recommend highway 22 out of Hebo to Salem enough.  It is better than the Dragon's Tail and would be a great substitute for people on the west side of the country who don't want to drive to Tennessee.


heresolong said...

Hopefully you stayed on Hwy 22 into eastern Oregon. It is also a great ride. Takes you to Bend.

Anonymous said...

If you're coming down 101 to the bay area, I'd love to buy you a beer. Let me know the best way to get in touch if so.

Calvin Stickney said...

Oregon and Washington is beautiful land. If only it wasn't polluted with disgusting people. I've lived here all my life and it breaks my heart that I have to leave.