Saturday, June 02, 2018

The Clarey Podcast Episode #257 - Jessup The Supply Chain Guru Episode!

Cappy Battles Scorpions at the Southern Command!
Why Cappy Doesn't Bother Writing Books for Black Women.
Work is Killing You...Duh!
Jessup and Llewellyn Gettin' Dem Der Walmart College Degrees!!!


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Anonymous said...

Discord is just the latest IRC knockoff harvesting data and spying on dupes who haven't figured out there is no such thing as a social media corporate overlord that isn't evil or won't become evil to make a single dollar.

Ignore it - it too will pass, as soon as the next cooler thing rolls along.

game-online said...

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Tony Trucano said...

I saw the Cletus image and it reminded me of a Simpsons' comic I was reading.
Guess what Cletus (perhaps the stupidest Springfield resident) majored in?