Sunday, June 10, 2018

Feminists Do Hate Men

It just took this one slip up for one particularly vile feminist to admit it.

No shocks here.  Not like we were expecting a mechanical engineering major or somebody who contributes to society.


Anonymous said...

Comment I would have left at the Amazon Post article iff they had comments open:

Men hate feminists too bitch, you can eat shit and fucking die.

Faithless Cynic said...

No big surprise here. Here are comments from an actual feminist, who also does not hate men:

Fem - Men are responsible for all the wars and rapes in the world.
Me - I do not want war or want to rape anyone, what about me?
Fem - You have to pay the price too.

Fem - Women have to be on guard constantly against being raped by men.
Me - How about pepper spray, a one hand knife, or some martial arts training? ( There is no way I want this crazy to have a firearm )
Fem - I should not have to do that!

Assume they hate you and act accordingly. Assume all women have infected with the Fem Zombie virus.

Anonymous said...

So...what's new about this? I have seen this since the 60's. Are we to be upset about it? Suck it up kids, this is nothing more than mindless crap from the left. To quote you there Sappy, " enjoy the decline". It's closer than you think!

old wrench

Un Americano said...

Oh, look. Another woman that hates men while expecting men to defer to and support them.

Anonymous said...

At least it is out in the open now.

Anonymous said...

Because punishments are too small for women who pervert the course of justice:

StephUF said...

I'm a female Air Force brat. I moved around constantly, 2 elementary schools, 2 jr. High schools, 4 high schools, all over the country. So I have experience with a lot of welcoming committees. I knew back then, and nothing has changed, women suck. With individual exceptions.

SM777 said...

Gentlemen, it's pretty easy to figure this out. Just look at the source which is the Washington field office of the NWO propaganda rags. I mean what man with an IQ above 90 would even bother with this tripe?

Sure, we know that 80% of all women hate men in secret if not out in the open, just look at their behavior. So what?

Move on and MGTOW.

Mike said...

Well, I'll give her points for honesty. When people talk like this, they're saving you the time and energy you might otherwise waste getting to know them.