Friday, June 08, 2018

How to Spot Fake Wealth

I had a client who (in blunt honesty) said she wanted a rich man if she was going to work out, stay in shape, and raise his babies.  Only problem - she kept running into fake dudebros in California merely posing as rich men, not actual rich men themselves.  Though the original intent of this video was "How to Find a Rich Man" I realized it was more akin to "How to Spot Fake Wealth" of which I pulled out some of my old tricks in banking to do so. 

You may want to pay attention to this video, even if you're not a woman looking for a rich man, because be it friends, business partners, or what have you, people posing with fake wealth are usually so desperate to keep up the facade, they will inevitably steal from you be it through fraud, lies, business deals, or simple theft.  And I can almost guarantee you will waste something even more important than your money with these people - your time. 

Do not let the fake posers with their leased BMW's and dudebro salespitches ruin your life.  Learn to spot fake wealth from a mile away.


Nicholas Petitt said...

I live in Southern California, and most of the true "wealthy," people that I know are in their forties, fifties, or sixties. Not "new money," as the dude-bro's pull up in their newly minted leased BMW's.

Often, the true "wealthy," will have the same cars as the fake "wealthy," but the only difference is that they are bought and paid for with cash. Most of the wealthy are two high income six figure couples, programmers, doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. They have their house paid off, and can afford to blow $150,000 on a new Tesla.

I call BS on most of the "newly" minted wealthy people. I will admit that they might have had an inheritance here, because that happens more than you realize (in Coastal California). But how you spot the new wealth versus old wealth is to look at their parents.

If I, a twenty something claimed to be "rich," you would have to look at the generational wealth to back my claim up. You would have to look at what the parents do. Are they in "bizness," or are they doctors? Engineers? Self-employed?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure she is not in the DFW area?

Michael said...

What is your problem with wearing sunglasses at night?

I wear my sunglasses at night so I can, so I can,
watch my woman weave then breathe her story lines.

Now, I ask you, without wearing your sunglasses at night (along with an 80's synth soundtrack), how exactly do you expect to watch your woman weave then breathe her story lines? For that specific purpose, I don't think there's any means of getting away from wearing your sunglasses at night.

Tucanae Services said...

Well Cappy I am going to be the exception that proves your rules I guess.

I have 7 figure wealth earned over 60yrs of working and little debt. I teach IT studies at a local tech school to launch the next round of STEM grads. But I have to say I am nearly everything not as you profiled it --

* I do deal with a credit union. I hate banks having been screwed over by them too many times. CU rates are generally better on loans, provide better service, etc. There is a trick with CUs; get linked up with someone on the board. Assist them with a community effort if you have the chops. Doing so you will bypass the 'executive flunky to the assistant VP of copier services' and will be dealing with the top dog who is authorized to make a decision on the spot. Not as good as a private bank, but darn close.

* I own a yacht. Well sorta. Its a 17' canoe I use to go fishing. Not much need for a Bertram where I live in Texas.

* My daily driver is a truck. Have other vehicles and not a one of them is an 'upscale label'.

As to the point of your vid. First it was good advise. If I had to quibble is that you should have launched into a 5min tirade of the difference between income vs wealth. Far too many Americans, especially women, think that a high six figure income is a wealthy person. Far from it. I dealt in real estate in a prior life and saw plenty of income statements from doctors and dentists. By and large they are terrible businessmen/women. High debt loads, large operating expenses and little EBITA to spare.

Here are my markers --

* Is their second vehicle a truck? Least in these parts its an indication of someone who WORKS and hence has the need to haul stuff. I know about 20 men in my area who have made it. They treat the truck that made it possible like a member of the family. It could be a beater by now, but they won't part with it as its a reminder of the journey. Seldom do lazy people get wealthy. If however their only vehicle is a truck, move on.

* Do they have a modest well kept home? Generally indicates they hire out their grounds work and maid service cause they don't have the time for it. McMansion generally are posers. An exception is if its a mansion that is in a upscale 50+yo neighborhood. Its old money and the current occupant has made it financially.

* They are not flashy by an large. They have no reason to be, they proved to themselves they made it so there is little need to prove it to someone else. The woman who wants that kind of man is going to have to draw him out on her own.

* If you see them at a wedding where are they sitting? If they 'got it' the family is going to make sure ole Uncle Joe is at the head table not sitting in with the Holi Poli. Uncle Joe will leave a will and they want to be in it.

* Do they go to church? Not an indication of wealth itself. Its more an indication of a grounded personality.

* They are not a lawyer. This is an odds marker. There are lawyers who make gobs of money but by and large most are lucky to be pulling $60k/yr. Its an industry with a very bifurcated income scale. The corp lawyers make the big money, the rest scrape by. The problem is both inhabitants of the income scale dress and act the same.

One item you did not touch on and the young lady should consider is -- Comfort of being alone much of the time? Most the guys in my group work very long hours getting the job done for the clients. Hell I am semi-retired and 3 out of 5 days its a 10hr day working with staff and students. A needy woman personality type with a guy busting hump is a disaster in waiting.

SM777 said...

Gentlemen, if you have money, MGTOW is the only option because you simply have wuaayyyyy too much to lose otherwise.

Anonymous said...

GOLD Cappy, GOLD. You da MAN. Thanks for sharing this great info.

Tucanae Services said...


If a woman has any common sense (Yeah I know...), she will leverage the relationship to make half a fortune a whole fortune. But they are not in the cities.

Some things to consider are location, location, location. If you be, said male, residing in a high tax, aggressive family court state MOVE. You don't have to marry her for she to get her hooks in you if you get my drift. If you are considering a certain female as eligible material, find out for sure! --

* Do an internet search. Surprising what you can find online.
* Did she go to college? So what is her debt load? Yes she will have debt.
* Does she possess marketable skills?
* Damn right get a prenup. Structured for her success is dependent on yours.
* Get all the dreams out on the table. Women can concoct demands only the uber rich can fulfill.
* No single mothers.

Good ones are out there, but at best its one out of 50 worth your consideration. MGTOW is fine till SHTF hits. Then its a matter of numbers well organized that survives. The loner seldom survive in those conditions.

DrTorch said...

Very, very good.