Sunday, June 03, 2018

Where Standardless Socialist Parenting Leads

To this.

Every democrat's wet dream.  A life long democrat voter.


Jay said...

The story sounded pretty dumb when the sue to stay in the house. They didn't mention at that time (too my recollection) the man was divorce-raped.
Reading the cognitive-hijacking emotional language and equivocating terms in this piece makes me think however, there are things afoot more insidious than deadbeatism. The article just STINKS of indoctrinating language.
'Look at this super selfish guy storing his own property for $9000 [instead of selling it all and giving it to poor wifey].'
'I mean he "ONLY" has to pay $56 a week in "child support" [but we won't tell you that in the same 5 year period that amounts to $13,440 a full 50% greater sum than his storage costs which we already established were exorbitant; nor will we tell you he only needed the storage in the first place because the wifey got his house and all his savings...].'

I blame, like Cap, the horrible upbringing. Living within an r-selective hallucination does lead to BAD decisions. Hopefully though, the extra doses of red pills and amygdala stimulation will lead this guy to remove his head out of his bum. It is possible to reprogram the brain, harder after the age of 25 (which is why the left wants universal college and health care under mommy-daddy till age 26), but it can be done with enough pain. Unfortunately, his bad choices has left him without all the results of his work to this point, and with a never-ending money sink for the remainder of his prime years, so he is done.

Sigma Dave said...

It's a safe bet that he votes Democrat... though there is the hope that he doesn't vote at all. Looks like he's the new poster boy for the definition of "loser".

I don't think he'll be so eager to grant interviews after THIS article. Before, he thought he'd get sympathy points. No chance of that now.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to be offering any solution to his one problem: Needing a job. Baby Boomers just like to attack Millenials for not being able to get jobs, but none of them ever offer any of us jobs. They love attacking the man and not the ball.

Sure was the man lazy? Yes. Probably because hes surrounded by medicore people who have stifled him his entire life.

Having a high IQ only compounds it further. It becomes blatantly obvious how much of social reality is constructed by trite platitudes and slogans.

Anonymous said...

Democrat voter he is not:

Rotondo — who ignored repeated requests by his parents to leave their home — said his conservative ideology sets him apart from millennials.

"I would say that I am really not a member of that demographic that they're speaking to, of that group," he told CNN in a clumsy interview, during which he interrupted the host to take a sip of water.

"I'm a very conservative person. The millennials that they're speaking to are very liberal in their ideology," he said.