Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Older Brother Podcast Episode #4

Cappy, DT, Ann Sterzinger, The Doc, John Steele, and Michael Kingswood ramble on about:

Miss America is now just another indistinguishable feminist organization.
Oceans 8....meh.
Sex and the City makes you ponder what percent of the population is insane..


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Pappy Gunn said...

Yeah, the Miss America pageant. They hand over the business to 3 post-wall ex Missess and guess what happens? The funny part: They will make the pageant "more inclusive and more transparent". Inclusive: Grab the popcorn, they just opened the doors to trannies and various "diverse" peoples. I almost wish they'd keep the gown and bathing suit for that alone, to just watch it truly implode.

kotetu said...

Check (and turn off, if on) history in Windows 10.