Saturday, June 16, 2018

Life is Too Short to Chase Women

I've received enough requests from men at Asshole Consulting it behooved this video.

Consider purchasing "Bachelor Pad Economics" if you wanted greater detail and advice.


Anonymous said...

I like the video but you need to go into avoiding the women who wear a mask, you know the ones that don't pretend that they slept with 100+ men before they met you, the best version of you? There has to be some kind of filter or ability to sniff out the "bad decision makers in life" type girls.

The reason why I say this is I had a work buddy who met a girl but always held her tongue until after the day of marriage. She turned into a freak.

You should have a list or ideas for giving the girl a shit test as another friend did by taking her from a cold climate to a very hot, humid one. All she did, according to him, was complain and complain and complain more until the monster came out. It was all over after that trip. Cat was back in the bag and sent back home.

leeholsen said...

concur with the captain, do not chase. I would recommend first:
1. get a job/career with potential.
2. have no debts outside a mortgage including planned savings for known expenses, trips and buying a newer car when needed.
3. have some life financial goals start saving for them as simple as a yearly trip to vegas. as most people do not plan for anything or any expense, you would be a freakin' catch and you will know it even if you are getting turned down.
once you have done all of those, get in shape by staying under your BMR, eating well(no snickers bars) and doing exercise until you are in shape and find something that will keep you interesting that interests you. I recommend a musical instrument and a foreign language you like, those catch girls easily.

commoncents said...

PragerU - Black Fathers Matter

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Anonymous said...

The Captain is right in this video. Just discovered this blog about 2 months ago, and I find myself agreeing with his mentality, rationale, and philosophy on most topics.

I am divorced, white, age 51, a father of a teenage boy, and have a rock-solid government job that pays $87,000. That's enough for me. Some of the best things I recommend in making yourself more interesting is LIFTING a solid 4 days/week and to learn PARTNER DANCING. Salsa dancing worked wonders for me. It's been a struggle, but I got through 'Beginner's Hell' after 1.5 years of lessons. Now it is much more enjoyable to dance with a girl. You lead them right...and she gets the tingles!! I tried Bachata a few times, but just like the Captain, I hate it.

Learning a foreign language is a huge waste of time. I did it. Learned Italian, but it was a lonely time in my life. And boring. I get and sleep with plenty of Latinas and I don't speak/know any Spanish!! They all know enough English to get by. Plus they all agree that when dating me their English gets better, and that improves their social status.

And for all you who say a foreign language is good for the brain, I believe it absolutely is, but partner dancing is equivalent to a second language. Probably better. Research it.

Also, I almost entirely stopped talking on the phone with anyone, and pretty much cut all ties with my married friends. Both are huge time-wasters for a single man. Married friends will waste anyone's time in order to get through their boring/dull married lives. Don't give them that power. Time is too precious to waste on the phone. Texting is perfect for dating, with a quick phone conversation once a week to keep her happy.

And learn to cook 10 basic dinner dishes. That alone has scored me many, many women. I cook better than any woman so far...and they greatly admire it.

SALSA DANCING regularly is probably the #1 thing you can do to make yourself interesting. All my friends, family, and coworkers, single & married, envy me.


Wandering man said...

Yeah, you should probably load test that bridge before you put it down over the Florida interstate.