Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Older Brother Podcast #5 - The Seattle Sucks Episode

In this episode of The Older Brother Podcast the guys talk about how social workers WANT homelessness, poverty, and crime. The Seattle homelessness and housing costs problems. Why millennials are priced out of investing in anything. Minimalism, and MORE!

in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast.

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Anonymous said...

You were right about IQ:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of audio quality....

THE GODDAMN CLOCK in the background of The Great One's podcasts drives me nuts.

Anonymous said...

From a friend who was a cop in Missoula, Montana:

In Missoula, run by the friggin' Green Party, cops would round up bums and give them one-way Greyhound tickets to Seattle on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Hell. Everyone but Aaron: How do people not understand that the problem isn't free trade or trade agreements. It's the government making low-value jobs illegal, and all jobs expensive over here. Minimum wage, OSHA, government enforcement of unions, corporate and payroll taxes, and endless layers of red tape make it too expensive to employ people here. Zoning laws, building codes, government enforcement of professional licensing, and trillions of dollars of inflation make it illegal to live minimally in the US. Not to mention a third of the nation is on some sort of dole and 40% of your working time goes to pay for these unproductive people.

Inhibiting trade with countries where labor is affordable and luxury living is not mandatory will not bring back the 1920's labor market, it will only make our products much more expensive. You can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't mandate luxury living, ban utilization of low-value labor, subsidize 1/3 of the nation to not work by robbing those who do, then mire employers in miles of red tape and also have plenty of jobs and inexpensive products.

At least read Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt before pretending to understand anything about trade.

liberranter said...


ONLY a cop would be fucking moron enough to mistake a loaf of bread for a bomb.