Monday, June 11, 2018

Cappy's Reno-Boise-Leavenworth Adventure

Cappy's out on another western motorcycling adventure!  The dog's name is "Protecto" (which it isn't, I just named him that).  He's in Jordan Valley, Oregon.  The salt flats are outside Reno.  The desert is near Tonopah, Nevada.  The big sign that says "Reno" is in Reno.  And Pendleton has no value except that my buddy Pendleton has that same name.  The clouds and sky behind it set off the green sign nicely.

Oh, and "tree fiddy"

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BriarRabbit said...

I was stationed on Ft. Shatter, Oahu. But it wasn't until I had my KZ750 shipped over (the Army considered a motorcycle "household goods") that I truly experienced the island.