Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Dr. Helen points out the shortage of men willing to marry and the surplus of women who want marriage

Dalrock updates his charts lending further data to support this.

I ask the simple question, "If women want to get married, then why don't they start considering what men want?"

Of course, we know the answer. They want a wedding.  They want "their day."  They don't want to be a wife, let alone serve and support a guy. That is glaringly obvious to the men who are refusing to propose.

But hey, you girls go an enjoy that decline, alright!


taterearl said...

Better buy stock in cat food.

beta_plus said...

Straight Men Respond to: "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends"


Alpha men respond with self assured confident humor.

Steffen said...

Check this post for an excellent description of a single frustrated successful single guy.

The problem? He has standards, and I commend him for that. But he can't seem to find any worthwhile and attractive women with a matching set of standards.

He's doing the right thing holding out for a good one, in my book. Only worthwhile women are worth the effort, but are they mythical at this point?

I'll admit, I had a hard time trying to enjoy the decline when I was thinking like that. At least he's got several legs up on me financially.

Anonymous said...

It's like they want what they want, without reference to what other people want, or something!

ukFred said...

There is a difference between wanting to be married and wanting to have a marriage.

jaericho said...


...get married and ...be married are two different things. I'm convinced that if half of the effort spent on weddings was instead spent on marriages things would be much different.

But then again, all weddings are E.P.I.C.

(Entitled Princess Initiation and Coronation ceremonies)

Anonymous said...

I once asked a woman whether she was modern or old fashioned. She said both, which I took to mean she wanted all the advantages of each with none of the disadvantages of either. She didn't seem to appreciate the characterization, but she didn't refute it.

Lee Scuppers said...

Anonymous --- it's like they want what they want without offering anything to the people who they expect to spend a lifetime providing it for them.

Rotsa ruck, girls...

CBMTTek said...

There is a bit of an error in your post. Here, let me correct.

You wrote:
"There is a difference between wanting to be married and wanting to have a marriage"

What I believe you meant was:
There is a difference between wanting a wedding and wanting to have a marriage

Based on my observation, way too many women these days suffer from a princess syndrome, and getting to host your very own ball/gala/soiree/ whatever, is a vital part of that image. And, that is what they really want, a big party where they can be the center of attention.

Much the same way a 5 year clamors for a puppy, but then fights with the parents because they do not want any of the work that comes with having a dog.

No need to thank me, I am glad to help.

Anonymous said...

Women want weddings, not marriages.

Outcast Superstar said...

Here is a new bubble for you

How about the Women's Sexual Currency Bubble


Since you are an economist you will should agree with my conclusion

It baffles my mind when guys end up marrying 27 plus year olds. Your putting your lifetime financial stake at risk while you only get to enjoy the benefit at most 10% of her sexual currency value while guys before you got to enjoy the other 90% of her sexual currency value at a much cheaper rate.

Think about it!

jso said...

women aren't capable of enjoying the decline.

V10 said...

Women, enjoy your cats
Retirees, enjoy your cat food
Men, enjoy the decline

Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous. As a female that reads this blog, I don't mind when we disagree on things. I don't mind when there is the occasional anti-feminist post. But I really freaking hate having to sort through all the woman bashing to find the economics posts.

Cappy - you trying to alienate us females who want to benefit from your economical knowledge? What's the deal here?

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 741,

You have a choice.

Realize (if you're true to yourself) you don't fall into this category of women and therefore none of this applies to you


being the typical woman and start taking umbrage.

I have to deal with the statistical reality that the MAJORITY of men are effed over by the MAJORITY of women.

You want to put your missile silo next to an orphanage and then complain about collateral damage when I bomb the whole area? good luck. I don't care. And yes, I have been that burned by women in the past as has every other man. And we're sick of it and we don't care. Scorched earth policy from here on out.

So man up, and shape up, and realize you're not the target. otherwise there's a ton of women's support groups you can join if you erroneously believe you are.

Take The Red Pill said...

One of my comments on Dr. Helen's site referenced how modern womyn are NOT interested in marriage at all, UNTIL the time when both their 30th birthday and 'The Wall' are approaching. Of course, after spending the previous fifteen-plus years being 'free whores' and f*cktoys (and expending their looks and fertility) for the rich playboys and the 'exciting', 'romantic' thugs and criminals, they are worthless as wives at that point.

It is both ironic and amusing that it is only then that they express any concern at all for the 'good men' that they crapped and spat on during that same time period...unless you know what their little game is. And more and more men ARE wising up as to exactly what their little game is...as can be seen in the lack of mens' interest in being some ex-carousel rider's Meal Ticket, ATM, and mule.

They demanded 'equality'...so let them keep themselves warm at night snuggled up to their careers, and support the economy by having to work for the rest of their lives until they drop dead.
Just like men have to.

But I'll bet that isn't the kind of 'equality' that they wanted, don't you think?

If there is any Justice, these hubric whores will catch 'Superbug' gonorrhea and lose the remainder of their looks and fertility.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, Cappy. There is no doubt in my mind that I do not fall in to the category of women that you are targeting.

Which leads me to another question or three...do you really think you are reaching the women you are targeting with this? If so, do you really think you are making a difference - are you really getting through to them? If not, why the hell are you doing it?

Captain Capitalism said...


That's the wrong question. The question is whether I care to reach certain women or "change" things.

I don't.

The situation is not salvageable. It will collapse. I could be wrong, but that is my belief.

Since that is my belief, and no amount of "cajoling" will make a difference, the primary reason I do this is one simple reason-


I want to laugh at these miserable people as they can't find out why their lives are so miserable. I want to see them suffer the price everybody else who tried to maintain and advance this society, had to fight them mindlessly destroying it.

I want all the women who swallowed feminism whole to have salt rubbed in their wounds.

I am done trying to convince them or "change them."

That point is long past.

It is now time to berate, mock, ridicule, and just plain mentally beat them to hell.

At any time, any woman, at any age can see the lesson is still the same, the intent is completely different.

And MAYBE if there's an actual cost of mockery and ridicule, they may think twice before becoming the next Sandra Fluke.

Outcast Superstar said...

I have to agree with Captain Capitalism that the system is beyond saving.

The best one can do is putting resource online and hope many young men stumble on those resources.

They can make their own choices and will have the opportunity to unplug and bail before it's too late.

The system itself will not change the best Captain Capitalism and even someone like myself can do is put the information out their to help reduce the number of casualties which they system has been causing

Anonymous said...

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