Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Destruction Principle

In my Crusaderism video I mentioned the "destruction principle."  I didn't do it justice in that it was part of a larger presentation, but I believe it needs expanding and explaining here.

When I was a kid my brother and I would set up snow forts and battle it out throwing snowballs at each other.  Of course, it was more than snowballs, it was more like snow cannon balls and ice chunks.  The key was not to kill each other, but to demolish each other's fort.  Direct hits would cause enough damage that we'd have to spend time repairing them instead of continuing our offensive.

But then I got smart.

I started building a tall snow tower off to the right of my fort.  It didn't take much to build and it was a smaller target.  Once built it attracted all the attention and attacks of my brother.  Sure he'd hit it occasionally, more often than not knocking it down, but the time it took to rebuild it was a fraction of what it would be to rebuild a direct hit to my fort.

In short, I knew psychologically it would make a more attractive target even though it had no "military value."  The reason why?  Easy target, less work.

The trick though was "production" or "value."

Say my brother DID score a direct hit on the tower and brought it down.  The brain would release endorphins because he brought it down.  He would think it was progress, that he achieved some kind of value.  But he didn't.  He was just lazy.

That is the destruction principle.  It is easier to destroy something that already exists than build something of genuine value up from scratch.

This is key to understand the psychology Crusaders and Crusaderism because when given the choice of:

"Work hard, study something rigorous, and put in the effort into a long and demanding career"


"Find something in society that already exists, villianize it and declare it evil, then wage a campaign against it"

the lazy, mathophoic, work-fearing leftist crusader will ALWAYS go for destroying institutions and pillars over doing something that requires effort.

And you must understand how arrogant and truly evil this is.  The crusader doesn't target these pillars or institutions of society because those institutions and pillars are evil.  They target those things because the crusaders are evil.  They are so arrogant and self-centered they have no problem bring down various aspects of society, regardless of:

1.  whether or not society likes these pillars
2.  whether or not society benefits from these pillars
3.  the wishes of anybody else.

The crusader's desire to engage in destruction disguised as heroic, crusading "faux-production" to simply give their meaningless lives meaning is paramount to all other people, all other lives and all other cultures.

Take three genuinely evil people and see if I'm making this up or if my theory explains them.

Dr. Grover Furr - This guy defends Stalin and claims the genocide that occurred under Soviet Russia never happened.  Does he really believe that?  No, probably not.  But it doesn't matter.  It's easier for him to tear down institutions like capitalism, western civilzation, etc., and then claim he's on some kind of "crusade" against the "evil United States."  In reality he is just a worthless human being.

Robert Jensen - The nutjob "professor/journalist" (notice a trend here with worthless people and worthless degrees?) who claimed Thanksgiving was nothing more than a nazi, racist event forced on the poor Indians.  Again, does it dawn on him this was 400 years ago?  Does it dawn on him that most people (Indians included) hold Thanksgiving dear and is part of the American culture?  Of course, not, but that's not his goal.  His goal is to knock down the snow tower and make it seem like he's doing something.  So he falsely vilifies Thanksgiving, gets warm crusaderism fuzzies, and in the process belittles and condemns all you racists, sexist, nazi homophobes.  Again, a worthless human.

Annie Laurie Gaylor (later part of the interview) - You may not know her, but she's one of these nutjobs out there riding around the country suing little towns and counties if they display crosses on cemeteries, public parks, or any other public property.  Does Annie Laurie Gaylor really believe for a second people in different towns are "oppressed" and "offended" by nativity scenes in the local park during Christmas?  No, you can hear it in her voice that she's lying and she can't cite anyone has complained.  But a more plausible theory is she is a worthless individual, too lazy and too incompetent to offer society anything of value.  Does it bear out?  You be the judge.  Worthless degree?  Worthless faux-accomplishments?  Worthless person?

But again, none of that matters.  Annie's little ego is more important than the thousands of other people who she forces her little crusade upon, even though these people never did anything to her.

The scary thing about the destruction principle is just how scary it is in predicting tyrants and dictators.  People who don't care about other people, who are so narcissistic they believe they are the only ones that matter and not only do other people not matter, but they should be forced to bide by the crusader's will.  Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Osama Bin Laden you name it, all spoiled little brats with no real skill who deemed their precious little egos more valuable than the lives of millions.

I didn't make the video of Crusaderism for S's and G's.  I made it as a weapon, a tool, and a warning.  We can identify these people.  We can indentify the people who are are going to destroy the country.  AND we can explain what they're doing and why.  This is not an argument to go and kill these people or anything as drastic like that, it's to expose them so when they say, "America is evil" or "capitalism is evil" or "hard work is evil" or any other outright lie they tell is identified as such and the public is made aware of what their ulterior motives really are.  To destroy the United States and western civilization because they refuse to be adults and work for a living.

It is that simple.

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Anonymous said...

Now that most institutions are dominated by leftists, shouldn't we see more of these destructive impulses directed towards the left?

Anonymous said...

Osama does not belong in that group! He was defending his own people, not killing them!

Erasmus said...

Aaron, I noticed you omitted mentioning Feminism in your video on moral crusaders. They rail against patriarchy in general and against males in particular.

In the last ten years or so the gay and trans people have joined that crusade -- they're out to vilify the heterosexual white male (what does race have to do with it?) as the epitome of all of societal ills.

Anonymous said...

Cappy, I have to admit I'm a bit confused. A while back you wrote an article how corporate work has essentially become nothing but a pageant that's best to be avoided when possible; and now you're writing an article criticizing the very people who rebel the idea of working in this environment.

Maybe you're not a fan of the culture displayed by the likes of crusaders, but at the end of the day, you have to ask: Do they have a point? I work a corporate job, but deep down inside I know I'm just getting screwed.

I'm a bit lost as to why you believe the crusaders are rebels without a cause. Unlike the forts you constructed fending off your brother, I can't see myself taking a bullet for corporations.

If it's not worth defending; it's worth rebelling.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yeah, but they're not rebelling against "corporations." They're picking pet projects that have nothing to do with the BS a corporate job has become. Additionally, they produce nothing of value. Say they wanted to get warm fuzzies. OK, donate some time helping research cancer. Help the local disabled vets group at the VA. That's production. Don't find something that's either working or not hurting anybody and attack it because you're bored.

Dave said...

Leftists assume, as they knock out civilization's support columns one by one, that its heavy roof will always magically hover above their heads.

Leftism will ultimately drink its own Kool-Aid, like the 40 Polish women now dying of AIDS because a Cameroonian poet (who knew he was infected) convinced them it would be "racist" to make him use a condom.

Libertarian Conspirator said...

Here's my QOTD entry, quote taken-out-of-context-style!! :D

"I made it as a weapon...
We can indentify the people who are are going to destroy the country...go and kill these people ... be adults and work for a living.

It is that simple."
Aaron Clarey

Anonymous said...

We need that Cameroon poet working his magic over here!

Anonymous said...

While I admire pointing them out for the scum they are, it's harder to know what to do about them.

You can't ignore them, and laughing at them and calling them names doesn't seem to work.

And they seem to have taken over so many of the levers that work against us that it's like fighting water.


CBMTTek said...

Horowitz's book does a pretty good job of explaining it.

Ryan said...

Heya Cap, you'll love this one.

There's a 60 year old statute of Jesus which can be seen from the nearby ski lift. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit to get it removed.

These guys are like the epitome of crusaderism:

Also, good god your captcha is hard!