Monday, November 26, 2012

Super Happy Warm Fuzzy Feminists

Help the Captain out here.  An evil little seed has been planted in my mind.  It will grow into an eeeevil little idea and then an eeeevil little plan.  And when I execute this plan it will be pure EEEEEVILLLLL!  I will laugh maniacally.  BWAHA HA HA HAAAA!!!

So here's a list of the "you go girl" "grrrrl power" types of women  from an old list whose advice and lecturings have done nothing but hurt women.

Virginia Heffernan
Sandra Log Tsing
Maureen Dowd
Emily Bazelon
Lindy West
Amanda Marcotte
Jessica Valenti
Jill Filipovic
Carolyn Hax
Hanna Rosin
Ann Bartow

Can we add to this?


Anonymous said...

Naomi Wolf?

FL said...

Erin Gloria Ryan

FL said...

Melissa McEwan. Have yet to figure to engage her. Well........

ar10308 said...

Hugo Schwyzer deserves to be added to this list.

scott said...

Michael Flood

BCM said...

Margaret Atwood.
Jane Fonda
Gloria Steinham

Anonymous said...

Kay Hymowitz

Chemist said...

Judy Rebick.

Anonymous said...

Lori Gottlieb

Anonymous said...

Lori Gottlieb

V10 said...

- Sandra Fluke
- Oprah
- Justice Ginsburg (seems appropriate considering her recent remarks about having an all-female Supreme Court)

I've a hunch about where this is going, but I wouldn't want to ruin the Captain's surprise if I'm right.

Anonymous said...

Helen Gurley Brown

Anonymous said...

Ivana bacik-ireland

Anonymous said...

Yes, the list of these feminists below who mobbed a Q&A social network by censor and down-vote any answer which is not on their agenda. Enjoy the decline Quora, you started to achieve negative reputation through the feminist group you support to denigrate men.

Kat Li
Belinda Gu
Anne K. Halsall
Sandra Liu Huang
Brandee Barker
Monika Kothari
Alecia Li Morgan
Annie Lausier
Shannon Larson
Yair Livne
Alexia Tsotsis
Tracy Chou
Jean Hsu
Stephanie Vardavas
Emily Altman
Francisca Blendstrup
Jess Lin
Leslie Ellwood
Leslie Dufour
Ariel Williams
Brett Williams
Sumi Kim
Nan Waldman
Jennifer Miller
Kat Tanaka Okopnik
Erica Friedman
Shefaly Yogendra
Amanda Zhang
Shan Kothari
Cristina Hartmann
Emily Smith
Alan Cohen
Pamela Day
Lisa Galarneau
Aman Anand
Tiffany Saechao
Marie Stein
Hema Manickavasagam

Martel said...

Jessica Wakeman

Anonymous said...

Oprah before all others - Oprah's audience is larger than all the other beeatches combined and many of her fans accept Oprah's word as gospel truth. She's done tremendous damage to the fabric of society

Anonymous said...

Camille Paglia

Mari said...

What's the deal with Oprah? What does she advocate? I've never seen her show or anything, but my boyfriend's mother is borderline obsessed with her.

Anonymous said...

Mary Wollstonecraft
Voltairine de Cleyre
Emma Goldman
Lucy Parsons

Franz said...

Kate Harding