Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"It's Over"

This was referred to me by a reader.  I am currently in the throes of writing "Enjoy the Decline" so some of my harder hitting pieces have been post-poned.  I hope you will forgive me as the book is turning out much better (and much darker and humorous) than I thought it would.

Enjoy the decline!


Mark said...

The comparison in the linked article of the U.S. to post WWII Britain is interesting. I see an extended decline here like Britain and all the other great empires of history. I mainly wonder how fast it will be and if there's any way to slow it. I just had a friend tell me the Republicans picked up governorships and looked around the internet for an analysis of how they were able to do that while Romney was losing and don't see anything. Maybe conservatives should spend less time dissecting the Romney loss and the Senate loss and more time looking at how they kept the House and did well at the state level.

Anonymous said...

Republicans did well in the House because of Gerrymandering, and did well at the state level because of RINOs (the existence of a two party system ensures that all elections will be close to 50/50, so some of these state level republicans barely resemble national republicans).

Britain will cease to be te finace capital of the world next year, so 70 years of decline before becoming a second tier country isn't that bad. Austria was the greatest country in the world around 1700, and they managed to survive getting slaughtered in WW1 and still have some pretty buildings right?

Herr Wilson said...

I channel Private William Hudson....

"Game over, man! Game over!"

Anonymous said...

Cappy, not sure if you've covered the topic of the US continually sending money to third world shit holes every time they suffer another "injustice", but you should. We just sent another $30 million we don't have to Syria. Let those assholes swim or sink on their own!!! Enough already!!!!!

derthal said...

Lukashenko - "Western democracy 'unacceptable' for Belarus"

Mark said...

"Republicans did well... at the state level because of RINOs (the existence of a two party system ensures that all elections will be close to 50/50, so some of these state level republicans barely resemble national republicans)."

I don't think that's it. The Cato Institute releases an annual report card analyzing the fiscal conservatism of governors and has found over the years that the Republicans and Democrats are drifting further apart with the Republican governors becoming more conservative and the Democrats more liberal. On the 2012 report, the top four most fiscally conservative governors were all Republicans (all just elected in 2010). The bottom 23 were all Democrats. Not many RINOS there. I think the Republicans can develop a better future strategy if they look at their candidates who actually win rather than look at the ones who lose and then try to guess why they lost. It's just surprising to me that there's so little analysis in the mainstream media of the winning Republican candidates. Could it be because the analysis might lead to conclusions different than the way the mainstream media is trying to spin the meaning of the election results?

Pat Sullivan said...

That article nails it! I sent that out to several friends. I agree, the comparison to post WW2 England, is very accurate. In fact Leland and GM, look to be going down the exact same path.
In the 1960s many people left England. The once great Empire was nothing more, then a socialist basket case.

Americans seem to feel they are immune to basic economics. Debt, who cares, borrow another trillion.
Ask anyone from England, just how hard a mighty Empire can fall.