Friday, August 28, 2015

Ashley Madison and Fractional Reserve Dating

Just too true to pass up:


Anonymous said...

The CEO of Ashley Madison just announced that he is stepping down. I am John's complete lack of surprise.

Hype Williams said...

I agree with Cappy that internet dating is better than going out to the clubs, but it is still pissing into the wind to us normal folks. I once went out with a girl I met on Match and she even admitted that it was more or less something to "check" throughout the day, much like Facebook.

Anonymous said...

What I don´t get is how they could work for so long. If you don´t have women in the pool, how the hell are the clients going to get that promised affair? Did the few women service all the men? Or were the affairists to be just too dumb to understand the system doesn´t work for them?
Life is too short to risk to blow your cover AND not get an affair you came there for. Does anyone have an explanation for that?

SM777 said...

I don't know about the term "fractional reserve dating".

Shouldn't it be "fictional reserve dating"??

Kind of like the "fictional reserve system"??