Friday, August 28, 2015

Is Bond Having Less Sex?

I was having a late night dinner with my buddy Richard and the GF.  We were discussing Bond films and the upcoming release "Spectre."  This then naturally delved into observations of the various Bonds over time, but when I said,

"I hope he gets laid this time!"

Richard and the GF looked at me quizzically...

and then thought about it...

and then said, "Ooooohhh yeeeaaaah!  You are right!"

Which I was.  For if you think about it Daniel Craig is the least-laid James Bond out there.  The movies do blur together (especially the last three), but I was under the distinct impression he didn't get laid in the first two (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) and only got laid in the last James Bond (Skyfall).

However, vague recollections amongst a handful of movies that blur together does not empirical data make.  And so, ever so the vigilant economist, poor ole Cappy took it upon himself to study not only how many women each Bond slept with in each movie, but how many lays there were in total and averages for all the Bonds.

And shucks howdy, look at that, the ole Captain was right.  Daniel Craig is the least laid Bond both in terms of number of women frequency in sex.  He averages only 1.7 women per movie and only 2 lays per movie (he'd only have 1 and 1.5 respectively if it weren't for Skyfall making him practically a virgin).

However, some other statistics of note.

Roger Moore (unsurprisingly) holds the record for most amount of lays (8) and ties with Sean Connery for most number of women (4).

George Lazenby (named "That Other Guy" because I couldn't remember his name) is the all-time stud of the James Bond actors, luckily starring in the one film that would give him the highest average in both categories.

And if Daniel Craig is even going to finish with an average score, the screenwriters better serve him up a record-breaking 5 women and 9 lays in the next two movies.

Keep a notch count for the guy when Spectre comes out this fall.
This post brought to you by Bachelor Pad Economics.  It's what Bond would use for a financial advice bible.


Adam Lawson said...

Someone oughta go back and rank the average hotness on a 1-10 scale.

Bob Wallace said...

Bond gets his kicks from killing people. Apparently that's his idea of sex. That makes him a serial killer.

Peregrine John said...

This is why I love the Capt.

Arthur said...

How long until Bond comes out as gay and the 'Bond Girl' is a very pretty man?

Anonymous said...

Well Pierce Brosnan just stated the other day that he is in favour of a homosexual James Bond....
I kid you not:

Unknown said...

Bond had become beta. He was gay-tolerant in Skyfall. Next he'll be a she, then the franchise will end. Women ruin everything.

TroperA said...

James Bond in the old days was not only highly sexual, he was sexually aggressive in a way that today's Tumblr feminists would scream was bordering on rape. And the women of the day loved it.

Hollywood's attempt to turn James Bond into the sensitive Alan Alda of the action genre will end with the franchise's destruction, as all of the real men and women lose interest in him.

Rick said...

Remember that the arrival of Craig as Bond coincided with reboot of the series. The first movie (Casino Royale) actually shows Bond becoming a "00" agent with his first two kills. The second movie literally begins where the first left off. So the screenwriters can be forgiven for portraying him as just getting out of the blocks, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I thought Craig finally slept with Eva Green near the end of Casino Royale. Nothing explicit - It seemed to me they were having some after-sex time at one point.

And early on, he had the girl in the red dress ready and willing but left her to pursue his target (her husband). Alpha move IMO.

It didn't look like a 0 to me, but definitely less sex than earlier Bond movies.

Anonymous said...

While the last few Bond films may have less sex than previous films, they also have more action and violence.

There are a few likely causes for this, but I think a lot of it has to do with storytelling, the shifting expectations of audiences, and the shifting rating methodology of the MPAA.

The Craig films represent a complete reboot of the character; As another comment above notes, in Casino Royale he decided to forgo sex in favor of doing his job. Given the way the Craig Bond is written/portrayed in comparison to previous Bonds, this seems to me to be more of an indication that Craig's Bond simply isn't used to being Bond yet: Previous Bonds were masters of the quickie and the one-night stand, and the writing/acting of the early Craig Bond may just be meant to show us that he hasn't fully mastered that aspect of the Bond character.

Add to this that for most of Casino/Quantum he was pursuing a single woman in more of a traditional romance/monogamy role. In so doing, he ended up getting burned. I think the intent here was to show us WHY Bond becomes such a womanizer as his career progresses: He becomes largely unable or unwilling to seek emotional connection with most women, and thus uses them for little or nothing more than his own sexual gratification.

From the other direction, today's audiences expect more explicit content in both action and sex scenes, and they expect movies to have a faster pace than previous generations. The way previous films danced around showing explicit sexual content wouldn't really fly with most people who pay to see movies these days: We want to see at least upper frontal female nudity, if not more. On the other hand, while the MPAA is largely fine with graphic violence, it has a problem with female nudity. Thus, in order to give the audience the action it demands, we see an increase in violence/action and a decrease in sex scenes.


Tony Trucano said...

Moore was the oldest Bond too. Men age like wine.

Tony Trucano said...

Moore was the oldest Bond too. Men age like wine.