Saturday, August 15, 2015

Privatizing Governments

Got a couple inquiries about this since I mentioned it on the podcast.  Basically, this was a business proposal that I turned into a kindle only short dowloadable "proposal."  You can't call it a "book" because it is not.

Still, some people were intellectually interested in how one could go about privatizing governments and not only did I find a (of course, theoretical) way to do it, but a way to profit into the trillions of dollars' worth in the process.

I DID approach several investment banks and even Peter Thiel, but nobody was interested.

BUT!  If you got the connections (or are just intellectually curious how a private government would work) here you go.


Anonymous said...

It already exists, it's called The Federal Reserve and yes they do make and spend trillions.

grey enlightenment said...

if you want the proposal to have more visibility I would make it a free pdf . It sounds interesting but a lot of people will be reluctant to spend $4 to find out what it is

Armchair Observer said...

Have you checked out Martin Armstrongs blog ( he has Princeton Economics ). He says debt will force the hand as in bankruptcies of Greece , Puerto Rico etc. His innovative solution is a unique debt to equity swap

One Fat Oz Guy said...

What about another idea: a guy I met told me about a radical idea: the the country as a whole (housing, land, resources, etc), divide the money up with the citizens and move to another country.
Take Australia with all its iron ore and uranium: sell it for $200 trillion, give every one of the 20 odd million people $10 million and the new owners can move in.
What country wouldn't want new citizens who each come with millions?!
The new owners could even pay some people to stay if it wanted.
What do you think?

Michael said...

Doug Casey's been trying to do this since the 70s.