Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Cappy Crap

A coffee mug of The Clarey Podcast now available at Cappy's Crap.

However, ladies, I won't lie because you'll be tortured between that and whether you buy a coffee mug with Mr. Brown's epic picture from BMGOP.  It IS a tough choice.

More crap coming once I figure out what might sell.

1 comment:

Dr. Dan said...

Thins that could sell (not WILL sell, could sell) based on my imperfect marketing assessment of your potential client base, with the understanding that you may need to contact specific companies to Private Label some of these items, though it may be worth it just for the laughter...

1) The Smith & Wesson & Captain Capitalism .357 Magnum Hippie Hunter Classic, engraved with your smiling visage and the phrase "Enjoy the Decline!"

2) 1 ounce silver rounds from OPM (Elemetals, i think they are called now) or some other Silver OEM provider with an appropriate Cappy Quote or Phrase (or Rule #5 Girl picture, take your choice).

3) Tool kits (and other essential items outlined on page 155 for the Bug Out Bag) which leads me to the logo'd Bug Out Bag! Not just Men Going Their Own Way, more like Men Getting the Flock Out of Town!

4) Rolls of Toilet Paper with various worthless degrees printed on the paper, since the topic of this post is More Cappy Crap, well now you can put those degrees to the best use possible on all that worthless paper...