Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Megyn Kelly Effect

Howdy All,

The ole Captain is intending to do some research, but needs some data points.  Specifically, I need a list of women on teh interwebz who have either a YouTube channel or Twitter account where I can see NUMERICALLY how many "subscribers" or "followers" they have.  However, they also have to be:

1.  Conservative/Libertarian.
2.  Decent looking

I am already aware of Julie Borowski, Katie Kieffer, etc., but aside from those two not much else.

If you could list some women below in the comments section who are on the Twitter or YouTube that are these cutsie "Tee Hee!  I'm a Soccer Mom and I Like Sean Hannity!  Yea for America!" types, I would greatly appreciate it.



Al From Bay Shore said...

Stacey Dash

Brian said...

Jenna Marbles?

Anonymous said...

1. Tomi Lahren
2. Syrian Girl

Those are the only two i can think of right now.

Unknown said...

Dana Loesch

Thane Eichenauer said...
Identifies as conservative. Take a look and you be the judge of her attractiveness. Oh, who am I kidding, she is attractive.

Anonymous said...

Libertarian Girl (Marianne Copenhaver)

Dana Loesch

Michelle Fields

Kristin Tate

VentureCrafter said...

Joanne Nova better known as a climate change sceptic (a very good one at that). Her politics lean very much towards the libertarian, anti statist side and she slices through regresssive "left liberal" stances with devastating effect

msdtr said...

How about this one:

Anonymous said...

Tomi Lahren

Joshua Sinistar said...

All these future crazy cat ladies better get used to body pillows and dildos, cause they look mighty old to me. What happened to the young girls who didn't need botox? Are whores now born old?

Anonymous said...

House of Sunny (aka Sunny TV)

humorous counter-moonbat

Anonymous said...

Lauren Southern

Anonymous said...

Ann Barnhardt. She has a blog at and a Twitter feed at @AnnBarnhardt

She is on a fed gov tax strike, deals only in cash, loves guns and lives somewhere in Colorado.

ysv_rao said...

Kayleigh Mcenany

Uberbimbo who simply vomits talking points of republicans circa 2003 "winning hearts and minds", "nation building" despite the utter failure of the same.

Another dimwit is Margaret Hoover the great grand daughter of the genius who caused the Great Depression( that she proudly claims to be his descendant should tell you something about her IQ).