Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Canadian Alpha Male

George Beurling

The girls' faces just belie how much women like a tall, dominant man.


Anonymous said...

Buzz was Canada' s highest scoring ace of WW2, but he had his shares of demons. His is a sad story actually.

Burgess Shale said...

Buzz Beurling was very tall for an airforce pilot. How did he squeez into those old planes?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Clarey, it doesn't matter how many alpha males and supervillains you post on your blog.

You will always be the shorty with a short dick that you are.

I know you would like to be this tall and dominant male but you're not.

Nobody has discovered an exercise to grow taller yet.

You're really overcompensating for the fact that you are a shorty prick with a short dick hiding behind his AR-15.

I know that it hurts for you to only be 5'9" but posting pictures after pictures of alpha males will not change a thing about yourself.

You will just have to accept that genetics gave you a bad hand and deal with it.

The fact that you fancy yourself as a supervillain proves that you are frustrated about what nature gave you and the fact that you are on a mission to make everybody else suffer and blame everybody else but yourself for your failures speaks volumes about your character.

In fact, you are closer to being a woman than being a man.

I'm starting to think that you have a crush for George Beurling, I can easily picture you have this same look than those woman.

What's telling is that you never put yourself as an example of a tall and dominant man, because you aren't.

You're a short dicked pussy hiding behind other tall and dominant men. You're nothing but a sore looser groupie.

Anonymous said...

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 938

Don't forget I live in my mom's basement too! Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, you should write a post regarding financing a girlfriend. I find it hard to believe you can make so little but still maintain a relationship, lol.

Kristophr said...

Nice spew of libtard argument #3 there anon.

Tell us why you are really angry.

Or are you just trolling? If you are, you need to step up your game. Stupid ad hominem doesn't cut it.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 1149,

It's simple.

Choose wisely.


Captain Capitalism said...

Now now Kristoph,

You know as well as I this angry man is merely projecting his small penis AR15 envy problems on me.

Let's let him stew in his mother's basement ;)

Kristophr said...

If I could kill with my small penis at 400 yards, I wouldn't need an AR-15.

Anonymous said...

"Buzz" Beurling - once during the Siege of Malta said something like, "clear sky, full of Messershmidts - perfect!" He would fly without a wingman, which for ordinary pilots would be suicide.