Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Progressive Credentialism Gone Awry

The Boomers will rue the day they made it so hard for successive generations to become productive members of society.  If for any other reason than they cut off the only source of their social security/pension - future generations.


Anonymous said...

The police are NOT productive members of society Aaron. They don't make stuff, they don't make widgets, they don't mine coal, they don't extract petroleum, they don't make garments, they don't make cakes etc.

We don't have more stuff at the end of the day. They are not exactly parasites either but I would place them in a grey zone.

I would not use the police as the first example of productive members of society.

I would use the cook at the restaurant, the farmer, the plumber etc.

If you want to epitomize those who are productive then use the example of those who make stuff first.

And yes, it has become extremely difficult to become somebody who makes stuff.

You don't need to use the police as an example of how tough it is to make it in the work force. Besides, not everybody can be a police officer, it's like the army. You need a special profile of mental toughness and physical toughness.

It's okay that it is difficult to make it in the police force, you don't want any joe idiot in there. You gotta have high standards.

But that it is difficult to be accepted as a burger flipper, now that would be a better example of how difficult it has become to be a productive member of society.

Unknown said...

Boomers are frustrating. Since they mismanaged their finances and refuse to retire, there is pretty much no career path for Gen X and Gen Y.

Anonymous said...

The police may not literally produce, but law and order are necessary preconditions for economic activity; clean honest police (or sheriffs etc. if you are US) are necessary for law and order (as are clean honest courts, magistrates etc.).

Without policing there is no production because why produce anything if anyone can just steal it?

(This argument is for the concept of policing, not justifying any particular police action or police force.)

DrTorch said...

Some years ago I was seeing the same thing in the US, as DC police applicants were required to have an AA degree (and some depts. have moved that up to a Bachelors).

All to feed the wasteful higher ed institutions they've created.

But maybe there is one more thing. With this blatant credentialism in tandem w/ the higher ed bubble, many look to join the military as the most economically sound approach to get training and a future job.

So is that part of the plan? No conscription, but still force young people to fight wars to defend and promote the bankers' interests?

just some guy said...

Credentialism is a cheap way to reduce the number of job applicants and is needed because socialism has destroyed all the jobs.