Friday, April 18, 2014

When the Left Co-opts the Word "Bullying"

Permit me to make a prediction young lieutenants.

My experience has told me that the left hates and loathes more than anything else the following things:

Being accused of lying
Being shamed
Being exposed as a hypocrite
Being accused of/shown to be stupid
Being criticized
Being ridiculed
Being mocked

They can dance in the boxing ring with you all day if you try to argue facts, statistics, and logic, because they will simply ignore what you say and call you a racist or a sexist.  But if you stoop to their level and take them on in a personal way, shaming them and exposing them for the idiots they truly are, then they get mad.  Because in going after them personally, you reframe the argument to be personal and about them.  They (very much like conservatives frantically scramble to deny an accusation of racism) get livid, see red, and muster the entirety of their energies to protect the thing that means the most in their lives - their egos

Does it solve the debate?

Does it advance the national dialogue about the economy and government?

But it's the most progress I've ever had whilst engaging leftists.

However, an interesting little phenomenon is developing and I can see it happening a mile away.  And that is the left is quickly drafting on its drafting board in academia the perfect weapon to deflect, deny, and even criminalize any mockery, ridicule, outing, shaming or any other form of one-upmanship.  And that perfect weapon is to take all of the above, define it as "bullying" and make it an illegal act a la "harassment" or some other such act of intellectual dishonesty.

Whether they will be successful or not is another debate, but already you can see the word "bullying" being used in leftist parlance with the context that suggests when you

call a feminist on her bullshit
you're a bully

make fun of a socialist's inability to do basic 4th grade math
you're a bully

dare to hold minorities up to white standards, thereby treating them as genuine equals
you're a bully

laugh at middle aged women who think they can "have it all" as they divorce and find out no men want them,
you're a bully

The ultimate aim of this cowardice is to shut down debate.  And like other words (racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, close-minded, fascist, redneck, hick, privilege, etc.) once accused of the criminal act of "bullying" most spineless conservatives, libertarians, etc., will abandon their post, abandon the argument and rush to defend against the accusation out of fear of social ostracization, fear their career would be ruined, or fear of criminal charges being brought against them.

Of course, "bullying" ending up becoming a crime may sound a bit outlandish, but how far of a jump is an accusation of "bullying" from "harassment?"  Also, have you seen just how thin-skinned, cowardly and pathetic the up-coming generation is?  Just a quick perusal of our college culture with their obsession to find new forms of "privilege," their hyperbole of "rape culture," and their addiction to becoming some kind of a victim (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, my sex, my color, my multigenderedness, depression, bipolar, the list is endless as it is pathetic) shows our "future" is a bunch of adult children professionally trained to look for and be insulted.  Their inferiority in this regard almost guarantees the definition and illegality of "bullying" will be expanded.

But, as you know, I always like to point out the bright side or at least the solution.

These veritable Nazis, these haters of freedom, these whiny, snively parasites who constantly fake being a victim so they can rationalize living off of others just aren't terribly savvy about economics.  And what they don't realize is that the economy is so poor and entire underclass (namely comprised of men) have no


And since the teeth of left's "victimization strategy" ultimately lies in the threat that if a conservative or libertarian speaks their mind they might lose their


for at least the future generation this tactic is ineffective.  An entire generation of (again, primarily men) have nothing left to lose.  And when it comes time to telling a

fat acceptance feminist she's fat
a minority to get off his ass and stop blaming his skin color for his failure, but rather his 5 illegitimate children
or a spoiled brat suburbanite that her degree in sociology is a waste of taxpayers resources and proof she can't do math

no amount of a legal threat of "bullying" is going to stop them.  Because at least there's sanity in pointing out the truth, no matter how much and how many whinny, spineless, cry-baby victim leftists cry bloody murder.


Anonymous said...

You're spot-on, Cap. History teaches that whenever totalitarians seize power, as has happened in our 'democracy', their next move is to silence all dissent.

You cannot be too paranoid about what they have in store for us next. I believe a cashless society is in their pipeline, giving them complete control of all of us. But that's another topic.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

You and Ben Shapiro.

Anonymous said...

great post aaron. the bill of rights must be guarded vigorously. another key piece of winning every battle is to keep composure. on an instinctual level, the person who has the guts to state their truth yet cares less about 'winning the argument' (keeps their composure) will always garner the most respect.

another trick that we need to have in our back pocket - piss people off until they commit some minor assault upon us (i.e. spitting in face or shoving) - then step aside, call our lawyer immediately and press maximum possible charges. Result = $$$

-a life of abundance

The Bechtloff said...

As a nerdy geeky guy I faced more than my fir share of bullies growing up, so this watering down of the word bully pisses me off. I wish the worst thing I had to deal with as a kid was people sending me mean tweets.

mina smith said...

You need to watch Ben Shapiro's "how to debate Liberals" 56min Youtube video. I has 100% of everything you need to go into battle with any Liberal, any time, any where and win. If I can do it, anyone can.

Mina (enjoying beating up Liberals using their Game against them)

ps Reading Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals (their bible/battle plan) won't hurt, either. Know your enemy.

Kristophr said...

The root cause of adult obesity is usually being abused as a child:

Unconsciously overeating to reduce sexual market value is a common result of childhood rape in women, and a means to self-medicate depression in both men and women who were abused as children.

I suggest effective therapy first, THEN dieting and exercise.

Bikermailman said...

Related to academia: An interesting account of both the champion and runners-up at the college debate championships. I disagree with the author's idea that the building insanity indicates the Left's impending collapse. That's like saying Russia's recent activities shows how weak they are. I mean, who could possibly be so silly to say such things? Oh. Wait....

Black Poison Soul said...

They're actually kind of funny in their childish little way. I tend to laugh at them.

Lefties: can dish it out yet can't hack it in return. Buncha little gutless pussies LOL

Bones said...

Excellent post, Cap. One of your best.

waepnedmann said...

Logic + Reason + Facts = Hate Crime

Anonymous said...

Captain, Did you inspire from this article or they did read your blog ? The news was published after your post.

Marshallaw said...

Hey Cappy. I've experienced this kind of crape several times recently. Not quite bullying but close. One "friend" of mine on shitbook, I have since curtailed my activities on said network and thinking of leaving altogether, put up a link to a site that stated the Ukrainians were going to send homosexuals into the fray against the Russians and the Russians in the Crimea would flee in all directions. I pointed out that flying flags was no offence against hot lead and that they could call it the "charge of the light in the loafers brigade". I thought my retort was quite witty. Amazing how quickly such progressives loose their sense of humour. I was shown pictures of homosexual soldiers lip locking and told that I should be careful or I would be in danger of "getting a good fisting". I proceeded to ask him what he meant by a good fisting and if he would care to explain to me and the rest of the followers what it entailed. All of a sudden he was back tracking. You will find that a reasoned and calm debate with these people will eventually lead to them loosing their tranquil demeanour in a very short time and resorting to physical threats on your being. Keep chipping away at their views and watch the temperature rise. Keep up the good work Cappy.

Kristophr said...


Facebook is evil. If the service is free, you are the product being sold.

Have a dead plain vanilla facebook site under your real name, link in to a LinkedIn account with your resume on it, and have an email address under your real name to link these together, and only use that email address with your employer, or during a job search.

This will satisfy employers, and not hand snoopers real data that is worth anything ( like what your opinions on the internet really are ).

Father Marker said...

There are a number of ways of dealing with these leftist libtards.

1. Get in with the name calling first.

2. Get in with the accusations of close mindedness, hypocrisy etc etc first.

3. Get in with the accusations of bullying first.

4. Let them come in with the insults first and then immediately accuse them of bullying.

Consider every tactic they use as a two edge sword and immediately explore ways of using such against them the moment you become aware of said tactic.

It is my view that each new tactic they develop is simply making another rod for their own backs. We just have to figure out how to use said rod.